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Dolphins at Bills weather forecast: Snow inbound for Saturday night game

The snow sounds like it is coming in for tonight’s Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills game.

NFL: JAN 03 Colts at Bills

The sun and heat of South Florida was a major storyline in Week 3 when the Miami Dolphins hosted the Buffalo Bills, with several players on both sides suffering cramps and dehydration issues. As we now head into Week 15, the two teams are heading into another meeting and the weather could again prove to be a major storyline. This time, however, it will be all about the snow.

Lake-effect snow is expected, with the moisture of Lake Erie deciding to dump on Orchard Park right as the primetime kickoff is happening. According to Katie Morse from ABC/WKBW7 News in Buffalo, the snow will impact the travel to the game, the game itself, and travel home after the game. A foot of snow is expected in the region tomorrow.

“I am pumped for it,” Dolphins long snapper Blake Ferguson said on the first episode of After the Snap, his new podcast with his brother, Bills long snapper Reid. The episode was released on Friday night in coordination with SB Nation and Buffalo Rumblings. Blake continued, saying, “Obviously, our first primetime game in this matchup since I’ve been in the league. So, if we got snow, and it’s just a snowglobe, it would be even cooler and another memory that you and I will be able to share, along with our listeners who follow along so closely.”

Blake also explained Dolphins’ head coach Mike McDaniel’s approach to the cold and snow that could impact this game, saying, “Obviously when you go to Buffalo a week before Christmas, there is a little bit of a third player in this game. There are the Bills, there are the Dolphins, and there is Lake Erie...The way that coach McDaniel presented the outlook by the Miami Dolphins on this game and on the weather is you just have to sort of play it like a mindset thing. You cannot worry and then track and just paralysis by analysis on a daily basis, hourly basis, because it changes so much.”

Reid agreed, saying, “I rarely even look at the weather for home games up here. I rarely look at weather forecasts outside of 48 hours.”

Blake added, “I’m the same way in Miami in September because they say it will be sunny and then it will downpour for three hours.”

Patrick Hammer, the chief meteorologist for NBC/WGRZ in Buffalo has predicted three to seven inches of snow before kickoff. Over the entire weekend, the area could be slammed with snow:

It should be a fun, snowy game later tonight. Will the Dolphins be able to deal with the cold better than the Bills handled the heat? It sounds like they are going to get a chance to show that they can.