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A look at Bradley Chubb and Jeff Wilson Jr. in their Miami Dolphins debut vs. the Chicago Bears

Bradley Chubb and Jeff Wilson Jr. made a significant impact in Sunday’s 35-32 win over the Chicago Bears.

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As the trade deadline inched closer, Miami Dolphins fans quickly grew restless, wondering when general manager Chris Grier would finally do something to improve the roster. Which was proof we all quickly forgot how he landed SUPERSTAR wide receiver Tyreek Hill via trade or how he signed premier left tackle Terron Armstead to a massive deal earlier in the year. Nevertheless, panic began to set in.

Many began to scream:

“Please, for the love of god, do something!”

“We should’ve fired Chris Grier when we had the chance!”

“How could he do this to us!?!?!”

“When will they do something!?!?!?”

And then, we all got the notification on our phones that the Dolphins had just finalized a blockbuster trade that would send the San Francisco 49ers’ 2023 first-round pick, running back Chase Edmonds, and a 2024 fourth-round pick in exchange for linebacker Bradly Chubb and a 2025 fifth-round pick.

Here’s what head coach Mike McDaniel had to say about acquiring Bradley Chubb and why the team made a move.

“When you talk about a team defense and when you really look at really good defenses, the common denominator is there’s 11 guys going to the ball and if one guy is off an assignment, everybody ends up being impacted by that. So team defense and what another edge rusher, especially of his quality, can add to the defense, it can make our team that much better. It can make people at the position group he plays, the defensive front, it can help corners and safeties – it’s all collective. So that’s what I’m most excited for. It’s not anything individually with him. It’s more of how it will help our defense do what it’s trying to do.”

Fans were finally happy. After all, the team desperately needed another presence on the defensive side of the football. One that made a career off of setting the EDGE and disrupting the passer. But that wasn’t the only move Grier and McDaniel would make before the trade deadline.

Next, after several weeks of speculation, the Dolphins acquired a running back – something they now needed with Edmonds on his way to Denver. This time, Miami would add another running back with whom head coach Mike McDaniel was familiar. I am talking about the 26-year-old bruiser from San Francisco, Jeff Wilson Jr.

Here’s what McDaniel said about Wilson shortly after the trade.

“He’s a guy that is magnetic. He’s very focused on football, has a nature of playing football that I think help or affects his teammates in a positive manner. He’s a physical guy that you can count on to bring that physicality and tone sets in that regard. Great teammate. And he’s a guy that doesn’t – you always really gravitate towards people that expect nothing given to them and enjoy the process of earning stuff, and that’s the way he’s always been. He’s always been very – he’s been around very competitive backfields and he’s always rooted for his teammates, and is one of the locker room’s favorite players, while also trying to do his best and whatever he can to help the team. So I couldn’t be happier with the person that we’re bringing to Dolphins.”

But with only five days to prepare, it was anyone’s guess as to how many snaps running back Jeff Wilson Jr. or EDGE defender Bradley Chubb would play vs. the Chicago Bears. Both players quickly became acclimated to their new team and made an impact on Sunday.

Defensively, Chubb played 73% of Miami’s snaps (54) and made his presence felt, despite not recording a sack in his debut. When the Dolphins landed the 26-year-old “linebacker,” the one narrative everyone loved to push was how Chubb was top-3 in the NFL according to ESPN’s pass rush win rate% — ranking only behind Dallas Cowboys EDGE Micah Parsons and Cleveland Browns EDGE Myles Garrett. We saw this on full display Sunday vs. the Bears.

Chubb did an excellent job one-on-one and made his impact felt on a handful of plays. Other times, he was a split-second away from the big play, similar to what we’ve seen from Jaelan Phillips early this season. Nevertheless, he set the EDGE well and got credit for two pressures and a tackle. But don’t take my word for it...


Here’s a look at Bradley Chubb’s debut with the Miami Dolphins.

As for Wilson, after reuniting with McDaniel in South Florida, the 26-year-old running back led the Dolphins in rushing, totaling 51 yards on nine carries. He also caught three targets for 21 yards and a touchdown. His presence was immediately felt on the offensive side of the football.

It may have only been one game, but Wilson looked like an upgrade over Chase Edmonds. He was decisive between the tackles, and as you could have predicted, he’s perfect for McDaniel’s zone rushing attack. Wilson ran with conviction and often left his mark on whatever defender tried to tackle him. He made several key blocks in pass protection, and as we saw, he can catch the ball out of the backfield. His touchdown reminded Tua Tagovailoa of a former Dolphins running back.

“Wow – that’s what I’ve got to say. Wow. (laughter) His first game with us, and he almost takes one to score. Then that same drive, he basically Reggie Bush-ed and dove for the touchdown. (laughter) You don’t see that often. So, for someone like him to come from the 49ers and fit right into our offense like that, that tells you a lot about his work ethic, it tells you a lot about who he is as a player and who he is as a professional. So, wow.”


Here’s a look at Jeff Wilson Jr’s debut with the Miami Dolphins.

What were your thoughts on Bradley Chubb in his Miami Dolphins debut? Were you surprised that Jeff Wilson Jr. led the team in rushing after only being on the team for five days? What do you expect from these two players moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below!