Ded's Inaugural Phinsider Comment Poster Hall of Fame

I was watching the Nolan Ryan documentary on Netflix the other day (it was fantastic by the way) and the Ryan family were in the MLB hall of fame looking at the the different plaques and what not and they have a special wall for the inaugural MLB class. It consisted of 5 people: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, and Honus Wagner. Absolute legends of baseball. It got me to thinking who would be the inaugural 5 for commenters here on Phinsider? I haven't been around as long as some of you but here are my votes.

1. Blaze

2. EJ

3. Gll

4. Earl (Duke)

5. Spok

6. Holland

I know, I know I said 5 but I couldn't decide on Spok or Holland so I made my class larger by one. So sue me. Maybe we can make it a yearly thing where one or two get added? I'm sure I'll forget about it by tomorrow. Congrats to you six for making my completely worthless hall of fame but you all make this the best damn SB nation site out there. There's quite a few of you but this is the inaugural class. Share yours if you wish.

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