This place felt toxic today, during the game, but all SB nation sites are with the thousands of Monday morning quarterbacks and coaches constantly saying that's it, game over or defense sucks, fire Boyer. Bottom line, Boyer is not on the field, is he calling bad defensive sets or are guys just not executing, missed tackles, dumb penalties that negate good defensive execution by the team on certain plays.

I monitored the comments but didn't dare comment. I remember hearing boy our defense saved us today a few times this year. I also remember last year going back and forth with the Tua haters, doubters or saying we should have gotten Burrow or we should have taken Herbert. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Herbert had a lousy combine or senior bowl, they questioned his accuracy.. Many felt if Tua did not have the possibly career ending hip injury, he was possibly the consensus no#1. But he did not finish the season and Burrow had a incredible season with a very talented LSU team. Yeah I would have tried to get Burrow, but we offered a lucrative package and they declined. Tua has proven he's an NFL quarterback, maybe the perfect qb to run our coaches offense. I can envision McDaniels getting us to the superbowl, and being a perennial playoff team.

The easiest job in the world is being a critic. Hindsight is 20/20.

Yes we are all emotionally invested in our sports teams performing to our expectations. There's only 2 teams who make the superbowl and 1 is just the loser of the biggest game of the year. But good organizations learn from losing in the playoffs or superbowl. They add personel or even coaches. They are hungry to get back and not repeat mistakes that cost them wins. In life we learn more from our failures than we do from our triumphs. In sports it's very similar. Near losses or playing poorly helps magnify what's not working and hopefully we learn from them. Losses in professional sports, everyone needs some humble pie to keep us from getting complacent. Look at the perfect season the Patriots had only to lose to a wildcard Giants team. Preserving our 72 team as the only team in the modern era going undefeated. Chicago did it back in the 1934 &1942 but both years they lost in the championship.

Kansas City with Hill, Mahomes and company seem to have been the class of the NFL the past few years. Yet they haven't repeated that championship season. 43 year old Brady with Tampa Bay beat them 31-9 the year after their 31-20 win over the 49ers won. The Bills looked amazing on both sides of the ball for stretches the past 2 seasons. Yet they couldn't beat KC in the playoffs. The defending champion Rams are 3-5. On any given sunday..... maybe you know the saying.

But world class athletes aren't perfect, they make mistakes. Waddles has had a few drops this year, Tua's had some under thrown balls, interceptions, our line has had some lousy games.
We're all human, perfection is what they strive to achieve but sometimes the best teams don't win the Superbowl. Injuries, matchups and bad calls by officials sometimes nix that dream.

On the bright side, we have a good coach, a good qb and we have players that like the coach and the system. We're learning to win games even when we don't play our best. We all stated we needed a culture change, Not making the playoffs for years and not being able to finish games by getting a few first downs. Giving up big plays that demoralize teams. Great teams have confidence, they know they need a score and they believe they're going to go out a score touchdown. Or the defense having confidence as a unit to stop teams to win games. We are on the right track. We are getting that mindset, beating the Bills and Baltimore twice (last year). 2 teams who've kicked our butts the past few years.

Wilkins, X, Holland, Phillips, Chubb, Sieler are a good foundation defensively, Yet we have not played to my expectations. But I'll take 6-3. Last year we were 1-7 and this team did not just go through the motions. We played our way back to respectability and nearly made the playoffs.

Now we have some weapons and hopefully our offensive line has improved enough to give Tua time to make his reads. Hill, Waddle, Gesicki, Jeff/Cedrick Wilson, Sherfield, Mostert.
We've come along way from trading Tunsil & Fitzpatrick. And having the worst personel in the league.
We managed to get critical pieces with the trades that gutted our team. We've totally overhauled this team and changed the culture.

Overall defense D+ (minus Byron Jones, and Brandon recently being put on IR.) Remember 1-7 turned into 9-8 with our defense making major strides the last 9 games, save for the Titans game, and Derrick Henry was a DNP.
Offense A- Wilson looks to be a great replacement for Edmunds
And our receivers are some of the best in the league. Gesicki doesn't seem to fit coaches scheme, but Tua has a good rapport with him. He does make some tough catches and doesn't seem be injury prone. Just not a great blocking TE.

Maybe Boyer needs to be replaced, but I feel we haven't come together as a unit, maybe we never will achieve that type of defense we had the last 9 games of 2021. The individuals on the field need to be held accountable. It's much easier to replace coaches than to overhaul the players. Give them some time.

And all this optimism could be thrown out with a few key injuries or Tua getting hurt. Football careers on average are very short due to the physical nature of this sport. NFL- Not For Long

Most of the comments I read today were looking at all the negatives. I agree there was plenty to ponder. We played an athletic QB who had his best game by far. He ran like Jackson did against us. And Allen does. We have never played well against a quarterbacks who have the ability to run the ball. But very few do that without getting injured eventually. I liked the Tindall suggestion to mirror Fields. Has he even played 50 snaps for us this year? He looked athletic enough to possibly be the only one we have to keep running QB's from setting NFL records.

Sports is entertainment, it's not life and death. There are some important things going on in this world, a lot more important in the grand scheme of things compared to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL etc. I follow UCLA in football, baseball, basketball, and even women's hoops and softball. I follow the Celtics, the Boston Bruins and I've lost interest in baseball. But I like the Dodgers and players from Ucla like Gerrit Cole. So I'm a sports fan, not a fanatic. When Miami lost in Marino days I'd be depressed for 6 days until the next game. Not anymore. Even at 1-7 last year I wasn't down because Miami was a lousy team. They proved to be a resilient young team who didn't hang their heads. They took pride in doing their jobs and turned a pitiful start into a foundation for this year. Would we have Hill, Chubb or Wilson if we finished 4-13? Maybe, maybe not.

Enjoy the time you get to take a break from this insane world and if you're lucky enough to have family that also enjoys watching the games you're very lucky. If you're alive and your problems have to do with not having a great team, that's not the type of problems that should control your happiness. Think of the horrible tragedies that occur in this world. Health, good friends and family should be priorities and enjoying watching some good football games should be an enjoyment, an addition to the good life you're leading. I'm 55, so I've never watched Miami win a superbowl. I've watched Ucla win a Natty in Basketball, Baseball,& Softball, the Celtics win 3 in the Bird era, and 1 with Garnet Pierce Allen, and I watched them lose after being up 2-1 against Golden St last year . I'm glad I was able to watch them. 28 other NBA teams didn't make the finals.

Maybe this fanpost won't make sense, basically I'm saying count your blessings. Do you think Cubs or Red Sox fans who never got to see them win world series in their lifetime were thinking about that on their deathbed? I'm grateful for everyday, every minute, for life itself. Getting to watch some games is just an added bonus something to look forward to. Maybe go see a few games in person. But if they lose, it's not the end of the world, is it? **This is just my take, not trying to say you shouldn't root for your team or critique your team the way you wish to. But it was way to negative for me. It felt like a misery loves company and I really don't think we should be miserable. I watch and follow the Dolphins and other teams for enjoyment. This season, for me is going to be good one no matter what the results are.
Go Dolphins!! From a long time Dolphin fan who is really enjoying this team.

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