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Christian Wilkins on Miami adding Bradley Chubb: It’s a move that makes everyone better

Just how much can we expect the defense to change?

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins added Bradley Chubb to improve a defense that has taken somewhat of a step back from last season.

The question following the move isn’t necessarily about improving the defense, but if the leap is enough to make coach Mike McDaniel's squad a threat in January.

Christian Wilkins, who’s seen the team torn down and rebuilt since being drafted in 2019, spoke with the media on Thursday and shared just the type of impact the addition of Chubb could make.

“He’ll add a lot to our team and what we like to do. There’s one issue I do have with him – well, he has with me. I went to Clemson. He went to NC State, and I’m part of the reason why he never got a win against Clemson, so there’s a little battle there,” Wilkins joked. “But other than that, it’s cool. I’m excited about it. It’s a move that makes everyone who’s already here better and our defense better.

“He’s going to add a lot to what we do. He’s come in with the right energy immediately. Humble, excited to be a part of what we’ve got. He’s not thinking anything else. He’s just adding to what we have and he’s going to do great things for us.”

The Dolphins have struggled against quarterbacks, allowing a 70 percent completion percentage and averaging less than two sacks per game. It’s worth noting that opposing quarterbacks are gaining 5.6 yards per attempt on the ground against Miami.

The Dolphins traded future picks to add a top-tier pass rusher on the defensive line. Chubb has 5.5 sacks on the year, which is more than former team leader Jaelen Phillips, who has gotten to the quarterback for 3.5 sacks.

Chubb’s goal is to get to the quarterback, a domino Miami has struggled to knock over. With an improved pass rush comes less time for opposing quarterbacks to sit in the pocket and make the right discussion. With less time to make the right decision, opposing quarterbacks may struggle to break the big runs that have gashed Miami’s defense this year.