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Mike McDaniel had some interesting things to say about Tua Tagovailoa’s high school film

At least he was being honest.

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Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine a better scenario for Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins. So far, the decision to hire Mike McDaniel as coach of the team has been nothing short of a success.

Now, it’s certainly just one year and things can quickly change, but watching Miami’s offense, and the genuine relationship between Tagovailoa and McDaniel, has been one of the best storylines to follow this season.

Last week, Tagovailoa noted how important it is to have someone that believes in you coaching the team, praising McDaniel for how supportive he is of the third-year quarterback.

With that in mind, McDaniel might not have been as supportive of Tagovailoa if he was his high school coach. Inside the NFL, which premieres every Tuesday and can be streamed live on Paramount Plus, caught a fun conversation between the two during Sunday’s win over the Texans and shared it on Twitter.

“I woke at like three and couldn’t fall back to sleep,” McDaniel said to Tagovailoa on the sideline. “So I was thinking about how you randomly hit me up saying that you were YouTubing me.

“And so then I Youtubed you and saw this Trent Dilfer thing, it was showing all this high school [stuff] from you, and bro, your technique was TRASH.”

Tagovailoa could do nothing but chuckle at his coach's trash talk, but McDaniel did end with a bit of a positive.

“It was cool though,” McDaniel said, “cause you could see little elements of like your swag.. but yeah, you were stressed out.”

It’s worth noting that Tagovailoa has mentioned that he has never had a coach like McDaniel.

“I’ve never been around a coach like this,” Tagovailoa told reporters back in June. “My dad was hard on me, My high school coach was hard on me. Coach [Nick] Saban was hard on me.

“All the coaches I’ve had have been hard on me. But he takes a different alleyway on teaching and learning.”

Through 12 weeks, it’s clear that McDaniel took that “different alleyway” and so far, it seems to be a successful one.