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Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins pass rush headline Miami’s top plays against the Cleveland Browns

Nothing tops a statement win right before the bye week.

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins might’ve played their best football in Week 10 of the NFL season. Tua Tagovailoa and the AFC East-leading Dolphins outscored the Browns by 22 points — marking the greatest point differential for the team this year.

Three passing touchdowns by Tagovailoa and rushing touchdowns from Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. lead the charge on offense in the 39-17 win. On defense, Miami’s front four got to quarterback Jacoby Brissett and Zach Sieler forced Nick Chubb to fumble the football.

On the latest episode of Phinsider Radio, Jake and Josh are joined by Marek Brave to discuss Miami’s most noteworthy — or “highlighter” — plays from the bout.

Each of us picked three plays to share, which you can find with some additional show notes below. Did we miss any? Did we share any that you didn’t catch on your first watch-through of the game?

Houtz (@Houtz)

Tagovailoa throws a dot to Jaylen Waddle on 3rd and 6 | 0:48 left in the 2nd | 3rd and 6 | Ball on Cleveland 29

Some are saying this is the best throw of Tagovailoa’s career — I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it was insane. Great job by Tagovailoa to read the defense and put the ball where only his receiver could make the catch. Waddle gets his feet in bounds and secured a nice catch. Additionally, he did a fantastic job to take the route behind the sticks.

THIS throw, from the far left hash, is a perfect strike on third down. These are the throws that #elite quarterbacks make and in 2022, Tagovailoa continues to make one big-time throw after another. It keeps the drive alive and sets up the next play. Let’s just say it was a missile-guided laser.

Trent Sherfield touchdown reception | 0:32 left in the 2nd | 2nd and 2 | Ball on Cleveland 14

The Dolphins take a commanding 17-7 lead at the half and never look back. This throw showcased Tagovailoa’s pin-point accuracy. It was a great catch by Sherfield... even if he did push off. Robert Hunt does an excellent job of cleaning up Myles Garrett, who might have had Brandon Shell beat.

“Yeah, I think on that particular play it looked like a palms look where if Tyreek broke out, they could play cover 2, and if not, they would play cover 4,” Tagovailoa said of the play. “So it really helped so that Tyreek was also in the slot on that side, so we didn’t know if they were going to double or cloud it or play 4. So I did my footwork, looked at Tyreek, and was trying to feel through Tyreek with the corner.

“I felt like he was squatting, so I gave Trent an opportunity, and Trent made a big play for us in that instance. So I’m really happy that he finally got a touchdown as a Dolphin.”

The touchdown celebration was an A+.

Jalean Phillips and Melvin Ingram sack | 7:20 left in the 4th | 4th and 7 | Ball on Cleveland 28

Zach Sieler lines up at nose tackle directly over the center. To his right, in the B-Gap, is linebacker Jerome Baker. His primary assignment is to cover Kareem Hunt out of the backfield – which he does a nice job of. Bradley Chubb is lined up a few yards off the tackle and rips a spin move. However, most of the damage was done is on the left side of Miami’s defensive line. Jaelan Phillips is lined up between the guard and the tackle, aka the B-Gap. and he is unguardable against... guards. His primary objective here, besides getting to the quarterback, is taking the tackle out of the play and allowing Ingram to stunt inside.

Ingram is lined up on the EDGE, mirroring Bradley Chubb on the opposite side of the formation and he does a nice job to stunt inside, bringing down Brissett with the help of Phillips. It set up Wilson’s touchdown run to put the final nail in the Browns’ coffin and nothing tops Bradley Chubb and Phillips dancing.

Marek Brave (@MBrave13)

Tagovailoa touchdown pass to Alec Ingold | 6:13 left in the 1st | 1st and 10 | Ball on Cleveland 13

Tagovailoa steps up in the pocket and pump-fakes. The linebacker takes the cheese and Tagovailoa dumps it off left to Ingold in the flat before Hill makes a great block along the sidelines. Ingold dives in for the score.

It was a 10-play drive that took up six minutes. It answered Cleveland's first touchdown and the Browns hadn’t allowed an opponent to score an opening drive touchdown all year.

Sieler forces Nick Chubb to fumble | 0:20 left in 1st | 2nd and 10 | Ball on Miami 34

The Browns were driving deep into Miami territory and any points would give Browns the lead, forcing Miami to play from behind. Would Miami abandon run in that scenario? Does Wilson’s big game even happen without that forced fumble?

The Dolphins are averaging less than one turnover a game, but sometimes one timely turnover is all you need. Sieler punched it out and Xavien Howard recovered. From there, it was all Dolphins.

Wilson runs for a loss on fourth down | 2:13 left in the 2nd | 4th and 1 | Ball on Cleveland 14

Following the third down, where Durham Smythe took a direct snap and got stuffed at the line. Miami’s short-yardage offense needs work and I’d like to see some more creative calls made, instead of just trying to always hammer it up the gut. Tagovailoa being a small quarterback doesn’t help since he isn’t super effective with the sneak. Despite the team’s big day on the ground, I felt very frustrated with the two-play sequence.

However, one positive of the play, is Tagovailoa was mic’d up. He went straight over to the newcomer and picks him up while saying, “that’s not on you,” which shows great leadership skills.

Jake (@Jmendel94)

Wilson runs in for a touchdown from 20 yards out | 7:07 left in the 4th | 1st and 10 | Ball on Cleveland 20

Hill is the convoy that ends a one-play 20-yard drive and it came right after a fourth and seven sack from the defense, talk about complimentary football! Wilson averaged seven yards a carry, but do you think other teams will ever pick up on how much the Dolphins love to run behind Terron Armstead? I don’t think there are better vibes in the NFL right now than what’s happening with Mike McDaniel and this team.

Tagovailoa to Waddle over the middle | 6:40 left in the 3rd | 3rd and 10 | Ball on Miami 23

After two-straight incompletions, the “old” Dolphins would be doomed on third and long. Remember Jarvis Landry always getting the ball behind the sticks? Lately, how often have we seen these third-down conversions?

Waddle is just sitting wide-open between defenders in the middle of the field and the offensive line does more than enough to let the play develop. Armstead pushes Jadeveon Clowney right around the play and Brandon Shell does the same to Garrett on the other side. It’s refreshing — three seconds into a play — nobody has a hand near Tagovailoa.

Christian Wilkins and Nick Chubb combine for a sack | 3:57 left in the 1st | 2nd and 5 | Ball on Cleveland 41

Elandon Roberts bursts in to clear Hunt, who stayed in to block on the play. Wilkins just kept the lineman locked up inside with his hands and eventually tossed him to the side. Wilkins was charging right toward Brisset. Bradley Chubb was lined up on the outside of the left tackle, working around the pocket. Wilkins in your face and Chubb attacking your blindside, this is a combo you love to see. Wilkins had three quarterback hits, half a sack, and seven total tackles.