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Madden 23: EA Sports adds Jaylen Waddle’s signature touchdown celebration with latest title update

It took a few months, but EA Sports finally added Jaylen Waddle’s touchdown celebration to Madden 23. #FinsUp


Madden 23’s release has been far from perfect, with many game modes like Face of the Franchise and Connected Franchise seemingly unplayable for the first few months of its life cycle. Add in the gameplay issues that many gamers would argue still remain, and it’s easy to see why this hasn’t been the best release for EA Sports.

Fortunately, the developers at Madden will at least try to make things right by releasing several patch updates throughout the year. Last month, EA released Patch #3, which toned down some of the interception issues gamers were experiencing.

Today, EA has released its latest Patch (#4) with many new updates and fixes for gamers to enjoy.

Madden’s Patch #4 has many changes — all of which can be found HERE — but the most significant change should fix the server issues gamers were experiencing with Connected Franchise mode. This fix would allow gamers to continue playing through their season, which many could not do.

For us Dolphins fans, however, the most exciting change in EA’s latest title update is something that many had hoped would have found its way into the game before release but quickly found out it didn’t make the cut. Of course, I’m talking about Jaylen Waddle’s signature touchdown celebration, the Waddle! Which is now officially in Madden 23.

(Note: Nothing was more sad than when I scored my first touchdown with Waddle and found out his ‘signature celebration’ wasn’t the waddle. Probably more sad than the ending of Marley and Me, tbh)

EA Sports showcased the new touchdown animation on Twitter a short time ago, and the feedback from the Miami Dolphins fanbase has been mixed. Here are some of my favorite replies from Twitter.

@LuisM305 said:

“The animation looks terrible.”

@Jbyles responded with something we’ve all been wondering:

“But can Tua get above an 81 overall? Find out on a brand new episode of DragonBall Z!”

@IHunter69 said:

“Kind of looks like [redacted] can’t even lie. Looks way better when Waddle does it.”

@phfeiler is excited about the changes:

“Sweet. Will be playing tonight just to hit the signature celebration.

@finatic1972 took the words right out of my mouth:

“Love Tua see it #FinsUp”

There are still plenty of flaws with Madden 23, but this title update is a step in the right direction. The timing of the title update could not have come at a better time, either. After all, the Dolphins are on bye this week, which makes it the perfect time to fire up Madden, download the title update, and begin a connected franchise with your 7-3 Miami Dolphins.

Waddle, Waddle, Waddle!

What are your thoughts on EA Sports finally adding Jaylen Waddle's signature touchdown celebration to Madden 23? Will this make you more likely to play the game? What other player-specific animations would you like to see added? Maybe, Mike Gesicki’s “Griddy”? Let us know in the comments section below!