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Second-year safety Jevon Holland is the iron man of Miami’s defense

Holland hasn’t missed a defensive snap this season.

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have played 658 defensive snaps through 10 games and the team’s safety blanket has been on the field for all of them.

Often mentioned as one of the players primed to take a second-year leap, Jevon Holland has become one of the biggest playmakers on Miami’s defense. Capturing two interceptions, getting to the quarterback for two sacks and earning 52 total tackles, Holland has played 100 percent of the team’s snaps this year.

“What separates good and great teams is being able to dominate game-in and game-out and cause turnovers and whatnot and just completely nullify an offense both mentally and physically,” Holland said when asked what separates teams on Nov. 10. “But I think that is definitely a part of it, being able to finish and being able to secure those games when it does fall on the defense.”

Miami’s defense allows 356 yards per game, which ranks No. 21 in the league. Surrendering 24 points per game, the unit is much better when playing in Hard Rock Stadium. At home, the Dolphins are holding opponents to 15.4 points per game. On the road, that number balloons to 32.8.

“We’re just a one-play-at-a-time organization and you’ve just got to attack it for what it is and that’s really how we see it on both sides of the ball. Next play kind of thing. If you mess up, you mess up,” Holland said. You’ve just got to keep on going. The game gets tough. You’re taking some punches and whatnot. They get you in the first half; it is what it is, but as long as you finish the game with one more point than the other team, then you win the game. So that’s what really matters.”

The Miami Dolphins are off until Week 12 when they’ll host the Houston Texans at Hard Rock Stadium on Nov. 27. The kickoff between the Texans and Dolphins is slated for 1 p.m.