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Commanders vs. Eagles final score: Philadelphia loss keeps 1972 Dolphins only Perfect Season team

The last unbeaten team in 2022 lost on Monday. It is time for champagne for the 1972 Miami Dolphins team.

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Washington NFL franchise had the final shot at stopping the 1972 Miami Dolphins from completing the league’s only Perfect Season but came up short with a 14-7 loss in Super Bowl VII. They did not have the same issue in 2022 when the Washington Commanders had a Monday Night Football shot at beating the formerly undefeated Philadelphia Eagles. Washington looked to take it straight at the Eagles, and they executed on both sides of the ball.

The Eagles came into the game off their bye week and were looking to smack their NFC East division rivals. It did not happen how Philadelphia planned, and it results in a celebration in Miami.

Final Score

Commanders 26 - Eagles 21

It did not start well for the Commanders. who lost a fumble on the fourth play of the opening drive, leading to a quick Eagles touchdown. After that, Washington took over and simply ran a ball-control style of offense for the rest of the game. In the first half, they had drives of 7:21, 6:30, and 7:04, scoring on each of those drives. After allowing an Eagles touchdown on the short first possession and a nine-play, 78 drive taking 3:30, the Washington defense shut down Philadelphia, intercepting the ball on the next drive after four plays, then forcing two three-and-outs in the first half.

The second half started with Washington with the ball, but they settled for a field goal after an 8:23 drive. The Eagles were then able to respond with a touchdown, which was followed by Washington throwing an interception. The Eagles lost the ball on a fumble on the next drive, however, and Washington kicked another field goal, pushing the lead back out to 26-21. The Eagles looked to respond, and they connected on a 51-yard bomb, only to lose the ball on a fumble at the end of the play. Both teams traded three-and-outs before Washington, thanks to an unnecessary roughness penalty that gave them a free first down, bleeding the clock to 11 seconds before having to punt.

All of that leaves the Eagles with a loss in the standings, dropping to 8-1 on the year. The 1972 Dolphins remain the only member of Perfectville, keeping the population at one for at least another year. In the 50th anniversary year of Miami’s Perfect Season, it is once again time to raise a glass and toast the Dolphin’s accomplishment.

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