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NFL Playoff Picture 2022: Updated after Week 11, ahead of Week 12

The NFL’s Week 11 slate of games is complete. Here are the playoff standings ahead of Week 12.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Week 13 live updates can be found here.

The conclusion of the San Francisco 49ers versus Arizona Cardinals Monday Night Football game brings with it the end of the NFL’s 2022 Week 11 schedule. There are just seven weeks of the season remaining before the playoffs start, and teams are starting to position themselves for the final push toward the postseason. Throughout the week, we have been keeping track of each game’s result, along with what it meant for the playoff picture. With the conclusion of Week 11, it is time to review where teams stand in both the NFC and AFC playoff pictures.

The AFC started Week 11 with the Kansas City Chiefs in the top spot, the Miami Dolphins the second seed, the Tennessee Titans third, and the Baltimore Ravens fourth. The Wild Card positions featured the AFC East, with all three teams behind the Dolphins sitting in playoff position. The AFC playoff picture had the New York Jets in the fifth spot, the Buffalo Bills sixth, and the New England Patriots in the seventh position.

After the 14 games of Week 11, the top four AFC teams all remain the same, with the Chiefs holding on to the top spot, followed by Miami, Tennessee, and Baltimore. The Jets fell from the first wild card position to out of the playoff picture with their loss to the Patriots, clearing the way for the Bills to move into the fifth seed, the Patriots into the sixth seed, and adding the Cincinnati Bengals are the seventh seed.

The Jets fell to the first team on the outside looking in on the AFC bracket. The Los Angeles Chargers are currently in the ninth position, needing to rebound after losing to the Chiefs on Sunday night.

The NFC playoff picture began Week 11 with the Philadelphia Eagles in the top spot with the Minnesota Vikings following closely behind. The Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers held the third and fourth positions, respectively. In the Wild Card spots of the NFC playoff picture, the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys give the NFC East the fifth- and sixth-seed spots, while the NFC West’s San Francisco 49ers were in the seventh position.

Unlike the AFC, the NFC did see a change in the division leaders. While the Eagles are still on top, followed by the Vikings with the Buccaneers remaining the fourth seed, the San Francisco 49ers, by virtue of their Monday night win, tie the Seahawks, who were on their bey week in Week 11, for the NFC West lead, and get the tiebreak advantage after beating Seattle in Week 2. The 49ers jump into the third spot. The Cowboys and Giants swapped the fifth- and sixth-seed positions, while the Seahawks slid down to the seventh seed.

The Washington Commanders, who held the seventh seed briefly following Sunday’s games, are in the eighth spot, just outside of the playoff positioning. The Atlanta Falcons are in the ninth position.

Below you will find the scores for all of the Week 11 games, along with the current AFC and NFC standings.

Week 11 Scores

Tennessee Titans 27 - Green Bay Packers 21, Final, TNF
Chicago Bears 24 - Atlanta Falcons 27, Final
Cleveland Browns 23 - Buffalo Bills 31 (in Detroit), Final
Philadephia Eagles 17 - Indianapolis Colts 16, Final
New York Jets 3 - New England Patriots 10, Final
Los Angeles Rams 20 - New Orleans Saints 27, Final
Detroit Lions 31 - New York Giants 18, Final
Carolina Panthers 3 - Baltimore Ravens 13, Final
Washington Commanders 23 - Houston Texans 10, Final
Las Vegas Raiders 22 - Denver Broncos 16, Final
Dallas Cowboys 40 - Minnesota Vikings 3, Final
Cincinnati Bengals 37 - Pittsburgh Steelers 30, Final
Kansas City Chiefs 30 - Los Angeles Chargers 27, Final, SNF
San Francisco 49ers 38 - Arizona Cardinals (in Mexico City) 10, Final, MNF

Bye week: Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

AFC Playoff Picture (through Week 11)

1 - Kansas City Chiefs (8-2, AFC West leader)
2 - Miami Dolphins (7-3, AFC East leader)
3 - Tennessee Titans (7-3, AFC South leader)
4 - Baltimore Ravens (7-3, AFC North leader)
5 - Buffalo Bills (7-3, Wild Card 1)
6 - New England Patriots (6-4, Wild Card 2)
7 - Cincinnati Bengals (6-4, Wild Card 3)

In the hunt
New York Jets (6-4)
Los Angeles Chargers (5-5)
Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1)
Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7)
Las Vegas Raiders (3-7)
Cleveland Browns (3-7)
Denver Broncos (3-7)
Pittsburgh Steelers (3-7)
Houston Texans (1-8-1)

NFC Playoff Picture (through Week 11)

1 - Philadelphia Eagles (9-1, NFC East leader)
2 - Minnesota Vikings (8-2, NFC North leader)
3 - San Francisco 49ers (6-4, NFC West leader)
4 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5, NFC South leader)
5 - Dallas Cowboys (7-3, Wild Card 1)
6 - New York Giants (7-3, Wild Card 2)
7 - Seattle Seahawks (6-4, Wild Card 3)

In the hunt
Washington Commanders (6-5)
Atlanta Falcons (5-6)
Detroit Lions (4-6)
Green Bay Packers (4-7)
Arizona Cardinals (4-7)
New Orleans Saints (4-7)
Los Angeles Rams (3-7)
Carolina Panthers (3-8)
Chicago Bears (3-8)