With all the injuries on the O-Line, some players who always looked like they had promise, but were buried in the depth chart have got their opportunities. Last nights game against the Browns really showed they are taking every opportunity. Personally I think Robert Jones played better than Eichenburg has all season, and I was really high on him when we drafted him. I thought he would end up at RT. Watching some of the run plays Robert Jones was driving linemen back 5 yards in which ever direction he was supposed to. He also got to the 2nd level really well for a big man. Obviously Armstead and Hunt played good from what I could see as well. I would be very hard pressed to change this line up other than maybe letting Jackson back at RT when fully healed. Maybe we can get a rotation for Armstead to clean up his calf and toe issues so he isn't playing the full games. I called out Williams for his high snaps all the way back from training camp, and there was a really bad one today, but his blocking is amazing. Maybe Tua just needs to get in his head and calm him down a bit to collect his nerves.

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