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The Miami Dolphins Best Forgotten Plays of 2022

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Certain plays have become ubiquitous with the 2022 Miami Dolphins. The game-winner to Waddle in Baltimore, Teddy Two-Glove’s bomb to Tyreek in Cincinnati, Iggy’s late-game interception against the Steelers, etc... If you haven’t already watched the Dolphins media team’s top-10 plays of 2022, it’s worth checking out.

That said, it was surprising not to see a few plays on that list. Today we will revisit some of the best plays from 2022 that aren’t getting enough love. Comment below and let me know which is your favorite.

5. A Dot to Gesicki in Cincinnati

This play is forgotten for several reasons. First and foremost, the Cincinnati game isn’t one that most Miami Dolphins fans want to look back on. Secondly, Tua Tagovailoa threw his third interception of the season two plays after this.

None of that changes how incredible this play is though. Tua has to get this over a linebacker and in between the flat defender and the corner trailing the outside wide receiver. He also manages to put this ball on Gesicki’s inside shoulder to protect him from contact.

Folks love to focus on throws Tua can’t make, but I’m not sure how many other NFL quarterbacks can make this exact throw. Give me accuracy over arm strength any day of the week, and make no mistake, this is ELITE accuracy.

4. Beautiful Slot Fade to Waddle

This entire list isn’t going to be perfect throws from Tua, but here’s another one. Good play design and execution from the offense. Standard slot-fade concept with Hill taking two defenders with him on a short in-breaking route and Trent Sherfield running a return route from the flat.

It’s a 3rd & 6 so the defense is likely just expecting them to focus on picking up the first down, but when the deep shot opens up Tua does not hesitate. There is no chance the slot defender or the safety is going to catch up to this. There is no defense for a perfect pass... and Waddle being one of the fastest players in the NFL doesn’t hurt either.

3. Goal Line Stand in Baltimore

This drive from the Ravens is following an interception from Tua and the Dolphin offense. It’s 7-0 at this point in the game and this has a chance to be a real back breaker. The defense stops them and the offense takes the ball and scores after this. 28-7 at halftime is rough, 35-0 is probably an insurmountable deficit.

It’s 1st & Goal from the two-yard line against the Baltimore Ravens; is there a worse situation for a defense to be in? The defensive line and linebacker group really stepped up for this one. People call the Dolphins a “soft” team, I would beg to differ.

2. Last-Second Defensive Heroics Against Buffalo

This is one of the best plays that no one talks about. This occurs at the end of the Buffalo game. 18 seconds are remaining on the clock and the Bills only need about 10 yards to be able to attempt the game-winning field goal.

There are two parts to this play for the defense. First, the pass rush gets home thanks to a well-executed twist by Phillips and Ingram. After that, Allen is flushed from the pocket and Ogbah is relentless in his pursuit. Allen just gets this pass off, but he’s forced to throw it to the middle of the field.

After that, the defense does an excellent job of keeping McKenzie in bounds while Ingram (the guy who started this play by flushing Allen from the pocket) is the player that tracks him down and makes the tackle. The clock runs out and the Dolphins secure the victory.

It’s easy to forget since the defense has struggled lately, but they were a big part of Miami’s early season success.

1. Tua Splits Cover 2 on 3rd & 22

It was extremely surprising that this play didn’t land anywhere on the Dolphins’ top-10 list. 3rd & 22 in the 4th quarter and Miami is down by a field goal. There haven’t been many (if any) Miami Dolphin offenses that could convert this in the last 20-25 years.

They use Tyreek Hill to pull the split-field safety away from the middle of the field and it gives Tua just enough space to drop this one in between the two deep safeties. Again, people focus on passes that Tua has underthrown, but this is 50 yards in the air and in a perfect location. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Honorable Mention

Chase Edmonds and the Miami Dolphins didn’t turn out to be a match made in heaven, but let’s remember the good times. There are 44 seconds left in the game and it’s 2 & 1. The defense is probably expecting Miami to pass in this situation, but Mike McDaniel (or maybe Tua on an audible) decide to hand it to Edmonds.

The result is a perfectly blocked play against a strong Baltimore front. Edmonds makes it down to the seven-yard line and two plays later Tua finds Waddle for the game-winning touchdown. People will remember the touchdown, but it doesn’t happen without this play.