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Tyreek Hill is a fan of the memes, but his favorite was a Randy Orton “RKO” from out of nowhere

A ton of memes followed the Miami Dolphins' 35-32 win over the Chicago Bears, but it was the one I created of Tyreek Hill and Randy Orton that Miami’s superstar wide receiver liked most! #FinsUp

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

When Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill scored a touchdown during Sunday’s 35-32 win over the Chicago Bears, there was only one thing left for Miami’s superstar wide receiver to do.

A backflip.

“I’ve been doing a backflip my whole career, baby. That’s what I do, man. (laughter) But I haven’t really had an opportunity to do a backflip, because against the Ravens when I scored, we were down like two touchdowns. So I had to save my energy a little bit. In Chicago, it was the right moment, man. I feel like we either went up or we tied the game, so I was feeling the energy. The juices were nice and flowing there.”

Best of all, however, wasn’t the backflip that Tyreek Hill pulled off after his third touchdown of the season. Instead, it was all the memes that the Miami Dolphins official account shared on Tuesday — and the aftermath that followed.

(Note: The Dolphins improving to 6-3 was really the best thing that happened.)

Hill had this to say when asked if he was surprised by all the memes that have been posted around the internet.

“The memes been crazy, man. My family, they’ve been doing a great job of keeping me aware of all the memes – the Shawn Michaels memes, the dolphin memes, me jumping out of planes memes, so it’s great. I feel like I can use those to my leverage. I really enjoyed that.”

His favorite meme of them all, however, was not him swimming in the water with Dolphins or the one of him skydiving out of an airplane. No. Hill’s favorite meme from the aftermath of Sunday’s win in Chicago was the one that yours truly made. A piece of art that I’m officially titling:

“Cheetah, from out of nowhere.”

Here was Hill’s official response when asked which meme he liked the most.

“Definitely the Randy Orton, the RKO one – I liked that one a lot, because I’m a Randy Orton fan. So, really enjoyed that one.”

Hey mama! I made it!