Sorry Folks..This is the Era of CTE

So you will do it...Yes!

Great...Take off those fancy clothes and throw away that comb and that Gillette deodorant and get down here.

GRIER...Get your ass on the phone...make a call to FITZ. He said he wlll meet you in the locker room and show these boys how to play QB1.....Hey Kevin Nogle. How do I use this damn sarcasm icon?

Baseball had its Steroid era...NFL is going through its CTE era...Nothing matters anymore about what the protocols were in the past. Its all forward thinking from here on out... and the goal posts will move however the NFL sees fit.

Sorry folks...But Tua just happens to be playing in the CTE Era. And the machine aka...The SHIELD... will protect its brand at all cost. Including taking the privilege away from players who can threaten or cause damage to the NFL brand...Not only can Tua cause damage to the ...Hell...he alone can cause it to crumble.

This isn't Hyperbole folks. The NFL can't afford to allow Tua the opportunity to become the poster boy for CTE. The visual image that was displayed when Tua's fingers were doing that "thing" can transcend a sports audience. And if it goes mainstream. The NFL will have a public relations nightmare....and they may not recover from it.

So I've learned this fencing response has happened a few other times on the field...but there is a big difference between previous guys and Tua...Tua is the face of an NFL franchise...and he's squeaky clean...that along with the background story of a potential cover up by an NFL organization....there will be a firestorm of the mainstream media looking for any nail to hammer into the NFLs coffin.

Rather the cover up story has any truth to it or not won't matter...because it makes for one hell of a story.

I see it now...clean cut Christian cut short pursuing his dream...Tua and the NFL cover up scandal...The evangelicals will go crazy, they are a powerful group...They decide presidents.

A scandal within the NFL...Media coverage ratings will jump off the charts. NBC...ABC...CNN...FOX...CBS...Trust me...the NFL doesn't want this attention.

If Tua gets back on that field taking snaps behind center...The NFL can't protect him. I Joe Nameth guarantee he will sooner rather than later get carted off the field. I guarantee it.

The only way they can protect him is to take away his helmet. Their hand has now been forced....Sure it has. First year head coach forced their hand by letting Tua back into the game against Buffalo instead of erring on the side of ⚠️. Four days later the kid is carried off on a stretcher live on primtime TV. Casual viewers watching Including myself were shocked as we never saw anyone's hand doing that "thing" on a football field.

Pictures are worth 1000 words folks...That image...connected to the background story of a potential cover up by the NFL, while in the beginning of the CTE era....

No way the shield allows Tua back on the field..At least not this year...It's not worth the risk.

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