I said what I said. The shame is on us...the fans and anyone who is advocating that Tua step back onto an NFL field taking snaps behind center.

Shame on us for risking this kids quality of life so that we can be entertained...

Shame on us for risking this kids quality of life for revenue.

Shame on us for risking this kids quality of life for a win.

I've used the analogy that football is a gladiator sport. [Hyperbole] But I don't want to see it played to the death. This is how I felt when I saw Tua's fingers doing that "thing"...The greatest of the great contortionist can't manipulate their fingers to go in all those different directions.

We all have eyes...we can see it for ourselves...That's not normal on a football field...Has anyone ever saw fingers fence like that on a football field? This kid is only in year three and the hits he is receiving are causing trauma at the neurological level.



Save this kid from himself...The warrior that Tua is he is going to want to play...There is way more to life than playing football kid. Go start and enjoy a family or something...Find another passion to get behind. Football is going to kill you...It may not be instant but it's may be in the process of happening as I type. Certainly you don't want to chance it with another concussion.

Do we know how many concussions has he had in his career. Possibly some that were undocumented or hidden? He has a history of being injured. Are you telling me that the power entity known as Alabama University aka Roll Tide has never covered up for this kid? Are you telling me that it is beyond the Saban brand...not even a possibility?

Come on man!!! Let's be realistic for a moment. Tua's talent generates a ton of revenue for billionaires. Do these people actually care about the person...or do they only care about what they can get out of the person. In Tuas case he may be giving up the ultimate sacrifice.

Shame on us if we allow this to happen to him.

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