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NFL schedule 2022: Taking a look at Miami Dolphins opponents next year

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The NFL season is winding down to the final weekend of the regular season for 2021. While there are still gams to be played next weekend, plus the playoffs and the Super Bowl, the end of the 2021 season does give us a look toward the future as well. While we do not know the actual weeks for the matchups, the end of the 2021 season gives us our first look at the 2022 NFL schedule.

Along with the annual home-and-home series for all the teams in a division, the league uses a rotation of the other divisions to make up the bulk of the schedule. For the 2022 season, the division matchups are:

  • AFC East vs. AFC North
  • AFC South vs. AFC West
  • NFC East vs. NFC North
  • NFC South vs. NFC West
  • AFC East vs. NFC North
  • AFC North vs. NFC South
  • AFC South vs. NFC East
  • AFC West vs. NFC West

Those matchups account for 14 of the 17 games each team will play. Two of the remaining three games are matchups against the two teams who finish in the same position in their respective divisions from the intra-conference divisions not matched up. The final game, which was added in 2021, is a game against a team that finished in the same position in their respective division from one of the inter-conference divisions that is not already scheduled for a matchup.

The 17th game divisional matchups are:

  • AFC East vs. NFC West
  • AFC North vs. NFC East
  • AFC South vs. NFC North
  • AFC West vs. NFC South

The NFC teams serve as the home team for these games in 2022.

After all that confusing explanation, here is what we know for the Miami Dolphins’ 2022 schedule. Miami will finish the year in third place in the AFC East, setting them up to face the third-place finishers in the AFC South, AFC West, and NFC West.

Home games

Away games