Howard is the cancer holding the Dolphins back

Today a article was released quoting a veteran Dolphin defender who of course is a cowardly backstabbing cancer named X . This is the norm for this premadona. He is destroying everything the Dolphins are building. We have one Pro Bowler with a ego larger than Miami, the same guy who posted a picture of himself waving goodbye to Miami when Flores was fired. The same guy who singed a new deal and then spent a year telling the media he was unhappy with that contract. The only guy who would leak the words "It is ruining my career".The same guy who was a fan of the coach who destroyed our playoff hopes by attempting to destroy the confidence of Tua. The coach who put Tua on IR when he was healthy enough to play costing us 3 sure wins and most likely a fourth was Flores. His star learned well from his coach. Leak to the media and make it all about you. Howard will try and leave behind total destruction when he leaves. Xavien will never win a super bowl. He is weak against the run and always has been. Cut the cancer out Miami or it will engulf the entire locker room and undermine coaches. We have been no higher than 15th on defense the last three years and we are paying over 40 million for two corner's. You cannot have your top paid player constantly causing destractions and leaking things that will never go away in the locker room. Keep Tua and dump the garbage named Xavien Howard for a couple number 1 picks. Howard's best days are behind him and it is time. I would say thanks for your service X but you are not team and are a selfish coward. Dolphin fans deserve better . Howard is a classic case of why you draft charactor over talent. Howard is a borderline All pro. He has no heart against the run and I have seen him get beat on big plays that have cost us plenty of games over his career. Bring in a coach with some class who is a good role model for his players . Flores came to Miami preaching charactor. How laughable looking back now.

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