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NFL Playoffs 2022 Divisional Round Winners Pick: Straight up, against the spread, over/under

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Wildcard Weekend is over and the NFL playoffs for 2022 are on their way to the Divisional Round, with four teams in each conference still hoping to come home with the Lombardi Trophy next month. All four games for this weekend, two on Saturday and two on Sunday, should be great matchups.

All season, we have maintained a picks pool among our contributors here on The Phinsider. Last year, Justin Hier walked away as our best prognosticator, but he has put himself in a hole this year, and it appears this is a two-person race as Marek Brave and James McKinney battle it out for the season title.

We primarily focus on the straight-up winners picks, but we do have some contributors who also make picks against the spread and over/under picks. You can check out those picks using the tabs at the top of the table below. You can get the latest odds for each game over at the DraftKings Sportsbook.

For Wildcard Weekend, Brave, McKinney, and Hier all finished 5-1. Kevin Nogle also made picks - but hopefully you did not fall into the trap he did of expecting multiple upsets on the weekend. He finished 3-3.

Through the Wildcard round our standings are:

Marek Brave 180-97-1 (64.9%)
James McKinney 179-97-1 (64.8%)*
Justin Hier 172-103-1 (62.5%)*
Kevin Nogle 172-105-1 (62.1%)
*McKinney missed a Thursday game during the season and Hier missed two, giving them fewer games in the standings.

CT Smith and Josh Houtz have both missed a few week of picks, so they are not in the overall standings, but here are their results for this season:

CT Smith 149-90-1 (62.3%)
Josh Houtz 81-51-1 (61.3%)

On to this week’s picks. Check out all of our predictions using the chart below. Thanks to for the widget: