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IN A WORD: The pros and cons of each head coaching candidate for the Miami Dolphins

Carolina Panthers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Let’s get to the point. One of these men – probably – is going to be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins, which means six of them will not be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins. So why spend hours upon hours reading about candidates that have only have a 14.3% chance of coaching the boys in aqua in orange? Nobody has time for that! Familiarize yourself with the options and then move on with your day!

Dan Quinn – Defensive Coordinator – Dallas Cowboys

Pro: Experience

Con: Legendary Loser

Overview: Quinn’s experience is a plus, even though he lost the only Super Bowl he took the Falcons to in horrific fashion to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Still, his potential to bring a quality staff with him puts him high on my personal wish list, though the rumor is he’ll be signed, sealed and delivered to Denver in short order.

Mike McDaniel – Offensive Coordinator – San Francisco 49ers

Pro: Offensive guru

Con: No experience calling plays at NFL level

Overview: McDaniel is the “wonderboy” candidate this hiring cycle. He is beloved by his players in San Francisco, with George Kittle jokingly asking for McDaniel’s future be tied to the 49ers for as long as Kittle remained with the team. Hiring him would probably do wonders for Miami’s offense, yet his lack of experience does make one question whether he would be able to assemble a proper support staff.

Kellen Moore – Offensive Coordinator – Dallas Cowboys

Pro: Coached high powered Cowboys offense

Con: Young

Overview: Kellen Moore led Dallas’ high powered offense and coached Dak Prescott to gaudy statistical numbers the last few years. He is also a former left-handed, undersized NFL quarterback. Does that remind you of someone? At just 33 years old, he would become the youngest head coach in the NFL if hired, so one wonders if he needs a little more seasoning before getting a HC gig.

Vance Joseph – Defensive Coordinator – Arizona Cardinals

Pro: Close relationship with Chris Grier and Stephen Ross

Con: Only 11 wins in two seasons as Broncos head coach

Overview: Serving as Miami’s defensive coordinator in 2016, Joseph was held in high regard by Chris Grier and Stephen Ross. His close relationship with those men could be a big plus considering Brian Flores was fired for his lack of “people skills.” Joseph was a bust as head coach for the Broncos, but did he learn from his mistakes? If he gets the job in South Florida, you better hope so.

Brian Daboll – Offensive Coordinator – Buffalo Bills

Pro: Offensive guru

Con: Aggressive personality

Overview: Daboll’s reported “aggressive personality” could work against him in regards to getting hired as head coach in Miami since Brian Flores was just fired for essentially the same thing. However, what Daboll has done with Josh Allen in Buffalo should not be ignored, as he’s built a powerhouse offense with the Bills. He coached Tua Tagovailoa for one season at Alabama, and was reportedly a big fan. Can he turn Tua in an upper-echelon NFL QB? If so, give him the job immediately.

Leslie Frazier – Defensive Coordinator – Buffalo Bills

Pro: Prior head coaching experience

Con: Didn’t win a lot of games as HC

Overview: Leslie Frazier was head coach for the Minnesota Vikings for three seasons (plus six games as interim HC in 2010), finishing his tenure with just a .398 winning percentage. However, he did coach the squad to a 10-6 record just a year after the team finished 3-13 – the best single-season turnaround in team history.

Thomas Brown – Assistant HC – Los Angeles Rams

Pro: Considered a high level motivator

Con: Zero HC experience at any level

Overview: Thomas Brown has never been a head coach at any level of football. He worked his way up from Georgia strength and conditioning coach, with a three year stop as offensive coordinator for the University of Miami before joining the Rams. He does carry the reputation as being a great motivator for the players in Los Angeles. He probably wont get the job this go-around, but he is a guy you could see as a HC somewhere in the near future.


So far, these are the seven candidates for the head coaching job in Miami. Of these seven guys, who do you think ultimately gets the job? Who do you personally want to see as HC for the Dolphins? Will Flores’ replacement do a better job than Flores did? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @MBrave13! Fins up!