RB Duke Johnson should be a priority for the Dolphins

After digesting everything going on now that the season is over and we are searching for a new head coach I had one thought about the current roster. Keep Duke Johnson around. This guy produced a couple of big games once given the chance and he reminds me a little bit of Frank Gore. Johnson hits the hole and delivers punishment to oncoming tacklers and showed that our OLine is becoming a better run blocking unit. I will never understand the thinking behind starting the season with two lightweights as your RBs. Those guys ran up the middle on third and short and would bounce backwards or deflect sideways upon contact and looked like high school backs. Johnson has all of the instincts and earmarks of a thousand yard back if he stays healthy. Draft another back and sign a free agent and do not bring a single RB back from last year other than Duke. I would like to know what other Dolphin fans thought about Johnson or was I missing something?

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