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Dolphins eliminated from playoffs after miserable Week 17

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Week 16 of the 2021 NFL regular season went almost perfectly for the Miami Dolphins. They won their seventh-straight game, climbed over .500 on the season, pushed their way into the seventh seed in the AFC playoff picture, and were in control of their postseason lives. The Dolphins saw the Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, and Pittsburgh Steelers all lose last week, while Miami won. Things were perfectly lined up for Miami to become the first team to go from 1-7 to the postseason.

Week 16 was a great one for Miami. Week 17 turned into an abject failure for the Dolphins. Miami was torpedoed by the Tennessee Titans 34-3, ending the winning streak for the Dolphins, knocking them back down to .500 on the year, out of the seventh seed, and no longer in control of their playoff lives. Nothing worked for the Dolphins on the day as the Titans reclaimed the top spot in the conference at the expense of Miami.

As if that on-field performance was not bad enough for Dolphins fans, everything else went against Miami as well. The Dolphins would stay alive for the postseason as long as the Patriots, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Chargers did not all come away with a victory. In the early time slot, the Patriots trounced the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Raiders beat the Indianapolis Colts. In the late time period, the Chargers demolished the Denver Broncos.

From seventh seed at the start of the day to eliminated before Sunday Night Football started. Week 17 proved to be a miserable weekend for the Dolphins. After a 1-7 start to the season, it was always a longshot for Miami to make the playoffs. But to see everything fall apart as quickly as it did on Sunday was just disheartening.

The Dolphins still have one game to play this year, potentially sweeping their AFC East rivals the New England Patriots, but it is on to the offseason and preparation for 2022 after that.