My 2 cents on BFlo and Watson as of today

All i have is my opinion, and of course those are like ears - everyone has 2 (except of course Vincent Van Gogh).

I think that just maybe the Texans made a very - even extremely - calculated move today by releasing Culley. Why do I say this?

Because Culley was not released on Monday. I think the Texans FO got their heads together for the last 3 days - since BFlo was released. They decided to go out on a shaky azz limb.

It has been widely reported that SPSQD wanted to come to Miami because BFlo was HC.

Quite possibly the Texans FO think they can lure BFlo to be their HC. If they dangle enough money and control over the 53, then it is entirely possible that they will get their man. Ergo, if BFlo is the Texans HC then maybe/probably SPSQD will be happy to stay in Houston.

I really think that they are thinking that! Maybe they even asked SPSQD how he would feel about staying if BFlo is their new HC. Of course they had to wait until he finished auditioning his 476th sports masseuse to get his answer . . .

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