The dysfunction of Brian Flores

Having watched every game in which Brian Flores has coaches I noticed several things. Typically Flores stands alone and rarely did he communicate with anyone. When things were going bad for Tua and the camera focused to Flores you could see a look of disgust and almost hatred. This was confirmed in a article I just read in which Flores was said to have been furious with Tua's play in the loss to the Titans and he laid into Tua and let him know during the game. It is ironic to me considering Flores chose inexperienced coordinators who had no clue how to game plan and kept the OLine coach from last year after performing so bad last year. I have no idea why Flores was so harsh with such a promising young man who is committed to getting better but that dynamic was holding Tua and the entire team back and here is why. If your coach shows no believe or love for the most important person on a football team and in all reality a rookie then you know the players felt it and discussed it and took sides. That division showed the first 8 games and the team was not focused and committing penalties at bad times and it seemed no one cared to step up and unite the team. When Tua returned from injury and the trade deadline passed it was Tua's leadership that helped along with great defense to propel the Dolphins to a 7 game win streak. I realize that Tua needs to be better was that going to happen when your coach berates you and blames you instead of taking the blame for putting Tua in a no win situation. I also heard that Tua turned down the team captain offer because he didn't want to be in the role with the possibility of Watson being brought in mid season to replace him. This was a circus from the get go and Brian Flores created it The season was the hardest to watch of the 52 I have witnessed because there was so much promise. We added two all rookie team defensive players to a already good defense, we had on paper the fastest group of wideouts in football, and Tua was in much better condition to lead the team. We should land a great coach because he will be walking into a great situation

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