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Three head coaching candidates the Miami Dolphins should consider after releasing Brian Flores

Here are my three favorite candidates as Chris Grier and Stephen Ross begin their search for the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

2021 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

On Monday, the Miami Dolphins shocked the football world when they fired head coach Brian Flores after three years with the team. His 24-25 career record didn’t tell the whole story, but owner Stephen Ross believed Flores’relationship with general manager Chris Grier was far too broken to be repaired.

So what’s next for the Dolphins?

As of now, we know the team has requested an interview with Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Daboll was Miami’s offensive coordinator in 2011, but more interesting is that he spent time with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in Alabama as the team’s OC in 2017.

Oh, and he also turned Josh Allen into a juggernaut and one of the best quarterbacks in football.

I wouldn’t be mad about a Daboll hiring. The truth is, I’ll give any head coach a fair shot. But three candidates have weighed on me heavily for several years and remain at the top of my wishlist. (some over a decade).

Here are three head coaching candidates I want the Miami Dolphins to hire.

Jim Harbaugh

Career Record | NFL: 49-22-1 (.688) NCAAF: 119-51 (.700)

Look, I don’t know if Jim Harbaugh will leave Michigan. After all, most of the talk as of late is that Stephen Ross has been in contact with Harbaugh, but only to get the 58-year-old head coach more money to stay at his Alma Mater.

And we all heard what Stephen Ross said yesterday at his press conference.

“I have no coach in mind at this point. We’re going to do a thorough review and interview process. Jim Harbaugh, I love Jim Harbaugh. He had the opportunity once before to come to the Miami Dolphins. But he’s at the University of Michigan as everybody really knows. That is the school that I graduated from and I’m very involved in it, and I’m not going to be the person that takes Jim Harbaugh from the University of Michigan. I hope he stays there. He is a great coach.”

But what if a team like the Chicago Bears or Las Vegas Raiders were hell-bent on prying Harbaugh away from Michigan. Would Ross just sit back and watch his picture-perfect head coach leave Ann Arbor to coach another NFL team? I want to think he wouldn’t, but this is Stephen Ross we’re talking about.

For those who don’t remember, eleven years ago, Stephen Ross traveled cross-country to bring Harbaugh to Miami when Tony Sparano was still the head coach (RIP). Of course, this would inevitably lead to the Dolphins’ recommitting’ to Sparano, but that failed attempt has always remained in the back of my mind

I remember where I was when the ‘reports’ broke that the deal was in place. I also remember the feeling when I found out it wasn’t true and that Harbaugh would remain in San Francisco, at least for the time being.

In a vacuum, there’s never been a head coaching candidate outside of Bill Cowher that I’ve wanted the Dolphins to land more than Harbaugh. Even if I realize he’d probably never fulfill the expectations we as fans had for him.

Jim Harbaugh has had success at every level and has a track record of developing talent. Whether Stanford, San Francisco, or Michigan, Harbaugh continually restored glory to those once-proud franchises.

Harbaugh is my pipedream candidate. He always has been and probably always will be.

Eric Bieniemy

Career Record: N/A

The last time we did this song and dance, there were plenty of first-time coordinators for the Dolphins to have an interest in, and owner Stephen Ross made it clear at today’s press conference that he wouldn’t be opposed to bringing in another rookie head coach for a fourth consecutive time. If this is true, look no further than Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

Kansas City’s offense has consistently remained one of the best in the league and, from an outsider’s perspective, is something I’ve been envious for many years as a Dolphins’ fan.

To recreate that would be special.

The problem, and part of the reason Bieniemy has not been hired, is because he’s not your traditional offensive play-caller—because he doesn’t call the plays. He’s also paired with one of the best offensive minds in football, so there’s always been a little bit of skepticism around the league.

But as I was told earlier today:

“Every Super Bowl winning head coach was a rookie head coach at one point in their career.”

Oh, and for those that still want Deshaun Watson in a Dolphins’ uniform—he’s a pretty big fan of Bieniemy—which throws yet another monkey wrench into this never-ending saga.

Doug Pederson

Career Record | NFL: 42-37-1 (.531)

Like Bieniemy, Doug Pederson is part of the Andy Reid coaching tree. A tree that I always wanted Miami to pick some fruit from. Unlike Bieniemy, however, Pederson has experience in the league as a head coach.

During his five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Pederson won the NFC East twice and finished with three winning seasons. But what Pederson will ultimately be remembered for is ending Philly’s 56-year Super Bowl drought after he led the Eagles to a 41-33 win over Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

And let’s not forget that Pederson is very familiar with the Dolphins—a team he played for from 1992 to 1994 and then again in 1995. He infamously helped Coach Shula (RIP) win his 325th game.

I’m not entirely sure if Pederson is ready to entertain head coaching jobs. But, if he is and the Dolphins are looking for an experienced, offensive-minded head coach, there are very few on the open market with a resume (and ring) quite like Pederson’s.

No matter who the Dolphins inevitably bring in as their next head coach, one thing is for sure, the expectations could not be higher.

I just hope we’re not right back in this same situation three years down the road... #finsup

Who do you hope is the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins? Do you think they did the right thing by firing head coach Brian Flores? Would you be okay with Miami going with another inexperienced head coach, or do you want them to focus on experienced candidates this cycle? Let us know in the comments section below!