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Brian Flores Out As Dolphins Head Coach


Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

In a shocking move, the Miami Dolphins have decided to part ways with head coach Brian Flores.

This news comes as a surprise that few expected as Brian Flores has had back-to-back winning seasons with the Dolphins. While the Dolphins' offenses have not been great under Flores and the coaching staff overhaul every offseason was problematic, this team did have a playoff-caliber defense last season and for most of the second half of this season. Following yesterday’s big win against the Patriots, Flores will end his tenure with Miami with a 23-24 record as the head coach.

Not knowing immediately where the team will look for its next head coach following the dismissal of Flores you can expect to hear one name mentioned by the media and fans alike. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross famously pursued Jim Harbaugh in the past to become the head coach only to be turned down by Harbaugh at the time. With the news that Harbaugh may wish to return to the NFL the rumors around him possibly coming to South Florida has most likely already begun to swirl.