Come here... for your 2021 NFL predictions

AFC East:

Buffalo 13-4 (they are the favorites until proven otherwise)

Miami 11-6 (playoffs here we come)

New England 9-8 (hot take: the rest of the league has caught up with BB; plus, they'll be playing a rookie at QB)

New York 4-13 (Saleh might not be terrible after all)

AFC North:

Baltimore 13-4 (but the regular season is not what matters for the Ravens)

Cleveland 12-5 (this team is really loaded)

Pittsburgh 8-9 (this might be the end of an era)

Cincinnati 2-15 (Taylor really sucks and Burrow will be lucky to escape the season uninjured)

AFC South:

Tennessee 12-5 (but the regular season is not what matters for the Titans)

Indianapolis 10-7 (this is a team stuck in "good, but not great")

Jaguars 4-13 (I wonder if Urban will pull a Petrino/Saban after one season)

Texans 2-15 (too bad they no longer owe us picks)

AFC West:

Kansas City 14-3 (for them the regular season will be all about avoiding injuries and securing HFA)

Los Angeles 9-8 (not enough to qualify)

Las Vegas 7-10 (Gruden should be fired but probably won't be)

Denver 6-11 (Fangio might be fired)

NFC East:

Washington 10-7 (who doesn't want to finally see Fitz in the playoffs?)

Dallas 9-8 (they'll snatch up the final WC berth)

Philadelphia 6-11 (I do not know what to write about this team)

New York 4-13 (and they might be looking for their next QB)

NFC North:

Green Bay 14-3 (it's Super Bowl or bust)

Chicago 7-10 (but they might have finally found a franchise QB)

Minnesota 7-10 (imagine COVID wrecking their season)

Detroit 2-15 (love Campbell but it could get ugly this season)

NFC South:

Tampa Bay 13-4 (barring an injury to Brady, which of course will never happen)

New Orleans 9-8 (no Brees, a lot of defections, but still)

Carolina 8-9 (imagine Darnold proving to be a capable QB)

Atlanta 5-12 (wil they play any defense?)

NFC West:

Los Angeles 12-5 (and Stafford will light it up)

Seattle 11-6 (another team stuck in "good, not great")

San Francisco 10-7 (with luck RE: injuries)

Arizona 8-9 (a mediocre season and another waste of many people's talents)


WC round:

#2 Bills over #7 Colts

#6 Dolphins over #3 Ravens: It would only be fitting to get our first playoff win in 2 decades against the team that has bullied us in that very same span. Lamar Jackson's playoff misery continues.

#5 Browns over #4 Titans

#2 Bucs over #7 Cowboys

#3 Rams over #6 Niners

#4 WFT over #5 Seahawks

Div. round:

#1 Chiefs over #6 Dolphins

#5 Browns over #2 Bills

#1 Packers over #4 WFT

#3 Rams over #2 Bucs

Championship round:

#1 Chiefs over #5 Browns

#1 Packers over #3 Rams

Super Bowl:

#1 Chiefs over #3 Packers (Reid & Mahomes get their 2nd title in 3 years)

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