Deep Thoughts from The County – How Much Would You Blitz a Rookie QB?

Several first time QBs will take the field this weekend, including the Dolphin’s opponent: the Patriots and Mr. Jones. If you were the DC facing a rookie QB, how would you gameplan pressure to maximize your team’s chance of winning?

Most immediately jump to "Bring the house!" But you can’t call a sellout blitz all the time. What do you see as the optimal "blitz mix" when a newbie is under center on the other side?

For unpredictability reasons, you need to mix a little of everything in, of course, but what would you lean on as the main thrust of your plan?

Personally, I’d avoid lots and lots of heavy blitzes, and sprinkle them in strategically. I think they take away the QB’s need to process the defense, make good reads and make NFL game-speed accurate throws (all things a new QB is likely to struggle at). Instead, the rookie merely has to get the ball out of his hands as fast as he can to the hot read – no thinking required. Sure, I blitz over the course of the game, but I want to let my secondary do its thing. Let the newbie screw up, and then take advantage.

But what do you think?

And, of course, Go Dolphins!

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