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Phinsider Radio show notes: Final thoughts on Miami’s loss to Las Vegas and looking ahead to the Colts

Will the Dolphins return to .500 on Sunday?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Phinsider Radio show notes for Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021.

Final thoughts on the Raiders

  • Byron Jones played well and has all season long. And although we speculated how the Dolphins might stop Las Vegas’ star Tight End it was the former safety Byron Jones that was tasked with the challenge.
  • Playerprofile has his numbers at the year for 9/19 for 117 yards.
  • Joe Schad asked earlier today who is Miami’s second-best player is on the roster. I was torn between Ogbah and maybe Gesicki, but it’s got to be Byron Jones, right?

Offensive struggles

% of Offensive Plays run inside of the red zone through three weeks:

  • Top: BUF 22.7% LAC 22.4% GB 19.2% TB 18.9% NO 18.8%
  • Bottom: SEA 8.3% MIA 7.5% JAX 6.5% CIN 6.1% NYJ 4.9%

Each week comes with more rumors

  • Ross reports about Watson come out.
  • Now reports are saying that Flores wanted Herbert but was overruled.
  • Will the front office or even coaching staff start to panic?
  • Say they split the Bucs and Colts, 2-3 with Tua back, can they rebound the season?

We answer your questions

David (@cheda7) — Now the Sun Sentinel is getting in the act of declaring the Dolphins took the wrong QB over Herbert. Isn’t it still too soon to make that judgment? Seems they are ready to put him in the HOF.

Marek @Mbrave13 — Given Flores’ history of pulling Tua in favor of Fitzpatrick last season, how short do you feel Tua’s leash will be after he comes back from IR if Jacoby plays well over the next two weeks?

Ian @dolphins_carter — Do you think we really need to be concerned about the ability of our coaches? Including our Head Coach!! #phinsiderradio

Rob @robcarruth — Why has this team not been able to figure out how to get a good OL for what seems decades?

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