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Phinsider Radio show notes: Dolphins collapse in Las Vegas

Miami fell flat after a hot start against the Raiders.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Phinsider Radio show notes for Sept. 25, 2021.

Dolphins score the first 14 points. Elandon Roberts walks for an 82-yard touchdown return.

  • The running game was working, Malcolm Brown scored on a 24-yard run.
  • The team averaged five yards a carry.
  • Brown 7-31; Myles Gaskin 13-65; Jacoby Brissett 7-37.
  • Each had a run of over 15 yards.
  • The defense forced a horrible intentional call play on Carr and the Raiders punted on 4th and 20, trailing 14-0.

Joker Gif: and here we go…

  • Brissett launches a ball over the head of Jaylen Waddle, who was not moving. Brissett was not being pressured. It almost looked like a designed screen — maybe PART of a play.
  • The wrong read gives Casey Hayward the easiest tackle of his life for a safety.
  • Brissett sacked just twice for 18 yards.
  • Austin Jackson had some bad penalties.
  • Raiders get a field goal on the next drive.

Dolphins punt and then give up a 10-play 95-yard touchdown drive.

  • Two unnecessary roughness penalties.
  • Dolphins had 8 penalties for 68 yards
  • Raiders had 8 for 104 yards.
  • Elandon Roberts forces a fumble but the Raiders recover.
  • Raiders fumbled three times on the day, recovered all of them.
  • Raiders averaged 4.0 yards per carry.
  • Peyton Barber killed them in the second half with 111 yards.
  • This team is really hurting without Raekwon Davis in the middle. The gash runs are usually right up the gut.
  • Team scores on Spider 2 y banana on the next play.

Despite all this nonsense, the Dolphins are in position to hit a field goal and go into the half with the ball on the flip side.

  • Jason Sanders misses a 48-yard field goal.

Dolphins decide to play football in the fourth quarter after being shut out in the third.

  • Mike Gesicki comes up huge on a 4th and 20!!

Finished with 10 receptions on 12 targets for 86 yards. He was frustrated when he wasn’t being thrown at early in the game when he was open.

  • The Dolphins use the Wildcat — horribly with Malcolm Brown (6-7 outside of his touchdown run) — before Jacoby Brissett walks it in.
  • Will Fuller is then all alone in the end zone for the 2-point try.
  • Why change the game plan when spreading the football around had been working so well?
  • How do you have Fuller wide open with a great play after using the wildcat!?

Jarvis Waddle catches 12 of 13 targets for 58 yards….


  • Jaylen Waddle produced the lowest receiving yards total for any non RB with 12 or more catches in a single NFL game since stats started being kept in 1950, per @Stathead.
  • When did a playmaker need to make a play?

Parker caught 4 of 7 passes for 42 yards / Fuller caught 3 of 6 targets for 20 yards / Gaskin caught 3 of 6 targets for 9 yards / Brown caught 0 of 2 targets.

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