Offense Needs a New Conductor

Last week, the OL took most of the criticism and deservedly so because they played terribly. This week we saw improvements. The whole that was opened up on Mack's TD burst was impressive. Most of us expected us to lose to the Raiders this week and by a lot especially since we were averaging a measly 8.5 points in the first 2 games. However, the wise guys in Vegas had the Raiders as only 3.5 point favorites.

The play calling in this game was pathetic. The throw to Waddle in the end zone has to go down as one of the worst if not worst play call in NFL History. This isn't Alabama play caller! We weren't playing a FCS team. We had a 14 point lead at the time with all of the momentum on our side and instead of running the ball to get some breathing room that play is called. Absolutely pathetic.

Chris Grier has received a lot of criticism on this site over the past few weeks. However, he is not in charge of play calls. How do you think this offense would look if Andy Reid, Sean Payton, Sean McVay, etc were calling plays? Ladies and gents we have playmakers on this team. Throwing bubble screens and passes in front of linebackers is not the way to utilize the talent we have at both RB and WR. For instance, why don't we throw a wheel route to either Ahmed or Gaskin. These two guys are mismatches against linebackers especially against the Raiders. What about dig routes and square ins and outs to Fuller and Waddle? These guys can run other routes. Are they trying to get Waddle hurt hoping that he will break a three yard pass and go the distance? Against the Patriots, they kept throwing the slant to Parker and New England couldn't stop it. Why didn't we do that yesterday? Finally, if you want to protect Brissett why not have him roll out once in a while so that the receivers have more time to run downfield?

These are the questions that Flores should be asking of his offensive coordinators and QB Coach. I have watched several teams who have struggled with their OL but they have been able to overcome their liabilities to make plays. Blaming the OL for the lack of effectiveness of this offense is an easy excuse. The blame for the lack of offense is squarely on the coaches on offense.

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