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Jacoby Brissett’s ill-advised throw leads to safety unlike anything the world has ever seen

Or at least in the history of Pro Football Reference’s database

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Yesterday, the entire world gasped when Miami Dolphins quarterback Jacoby Brissett threw a screen pass to Jaylen Waddle in the end zone, which resulted in a safety. It rivaled that time Detriot Lions QB Dan Orlovsky ran out of the back of the endzone for minus two points. My point? It was a dumb play—one of the dumbest plays.

However, no matter how dumb the play was, there has never been one quite like it. According to Pro Football Reference, never in the history of their database has a completed pass, with no penalties or fumble, resulted in a safety.

A play that both Coach Brian Flores and Brissett were asked about after yesterday’s 31-28 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Here’s what Miami’s HC had to say:

I got to go back and look at it. We didn’t execute it well. Obviously need to do a better job, but I need to go back and look at that. It was a bad play for us – kind of we had some momentum going. It kind of shifted the game a little bit and again, one or two plays in the game and we may have a different outcome and we’ve got to play better.”

Brissett, however, was quick to place the blame on himself.

“That it just wasn’t a good play. It was a dumb decision on my part. I take full responsibility for it and it’s a great learning experience in that situation. That was a tough one when you look back on plays that, ‘Hey, what could have alleviated this feeling that we have right now.’ That was definitely one that I want back.”

I don’t think Waddle ever expected this ball to go his way. He doesn’t look involved from the very snap, but maybe he’s just selling the fake that well? I really don’t know, and the last thing I want to do is assume.

But to think that this team would honestly call a WR screen with the Raiders in that coverage, with their back against the goal line and NO ONE appearing to block—actually, that sounds exactly like the Dolphins, now doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, the play was historically bad. Unlike anything, we have ever seen. And for that, we had to give this play its due. You played a hell of a game when your back was against the wall, Jacoby Brissett. Thank you for giving it your all, and most importantly, for making history.

What was running through your mind when Jacoby Brissett threw that screen to Jaylen Waddle in the endzone? Did you think he played well for his second game as Miami’s quarterback? Were you aware this play was iconic? Let us know in the comments section below!