I've read this chapter for over 20 years in a row.

We have not turned the page yet. The game is still in progress, but it doesn't matter. This team isn't going anywhere...anytime soon.

Give us a bleeping franchise QB. Right Now!!

Is Watson available? Is it innocent until proven guilty or not? I'm not saying Watson is our savior. But the QB of the future is not on this team. I'm pushing the panic button...Officially!

I'm on record saying do not draft Tua. Period. I'm on record saying make the Bengals an offer they can't refuse. Dicka-esq if we had to.

What did we have to lose? Even in hindsight I do not change my opinion. What have these draft picks given us?

Bleeping first rd disaster in the 2020 draft. I would trade each and everyone of them for Burrow. And we didn't even have to sell the farm to get Herbert.. Herbert just may be better than Burrow.

Stat guy please don't respond to this post with your stats? I simply don't care. I will always trust my eyes over the stats.

Call Andrew Luck. What is he doing?

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