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Dolphins vs Raiders 2021 Week 3 TV coverage

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins head west to face the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday in a 4:05pm ET game. The Dolphins are looking to get the bad taste of a 35-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills out of their mouth. Of course, the Raiders are 2-0 on the season, are throwing the ball all over the field, and look like they will be a force in the AFC this season. Not exactly a great palate cleanser for Miami.

This game has some interesting parts of the country picking it up, thanks to the NFL guidance of not having games compete against a home team’s broadcast. For example, the Chicago Bears are at the Cleveland Browns in the early game slot. That game is airing on FOX, which means CBS does not have a game in those markets in the 1pm ET slot. Since CBS is the single-game network for this week, they have two games in the late slot, which gives them a chance to broadcast one of those games to the Chicago and Cleveland markets. The Dolphins at Raiders game goes there over the New York Jets at Denver Broncos contest.

We see basically the same situation for the Buffalo Bills, who are hosting the Washington Football Team in the early slot on FOX, so they are getting the Dolphins-Raiders in the late slot. Atlanta and New Orleans have similar situations, meaning the Dolphins-Raiders is available in those markets as well.

Within Florida, everywhere except the panhandle and Tampa are slotted to receive the game. Hawaii sticks with the game, despite Tua Tagovailoa being out with fractured ribs. And the Las Vegas market, across most of western Nevada, up into southern Oregon, and down through most of Arizona will see the game. In California, the San Francisco (Oakland) market, as well as Fresno and Sacramento will get the game as well.

For last week’s game against the Bills, FOX broke out their emergency broadcast team with Brandon Gaudin and Matt Millen calling the contest. This week’s game gets the number two team at CBS, with Ian Eagle and Charles Davis on the call.

Here is the CBS coverage map for Week 3, via

Dolphins at Raiders in blue