Tua...You're a leader: Your Image Matters

Here is my disclaimer:

I love everything about Tua off the field. High Character, a man of great faith and integrity. His parents did a great job raising him, Kudos to them as their son is an outstanding young man.

But as an NFL QB. I am greatly concerned.

As a leader of a professional sports team you must display strength at all times. Tua you must earn the respect of being an Alpha dog. You are surrounded by Alpha dogs, and if they sniff you out as not having that dog in you, you will be challenged...Period!

You can not get carted off the field for bruised ribs. I repeat...You can not get carted off the field for bruised ribs.

Professional boxers continue fighting with broken ribs. I've even walked on a fractured leg as I escaped away from a car accident. And I'm nowhere near a professional athlete who works out everyday. Its 9am where I'm at and I'm two shots of whiskey into my day.

You can't appear to be soft as Charmin Tissue in a room full of Alpha dogs. They will crap all over the place and use you to clean up. I've mentioned before that I have several friends and family members who are and were professional athletes. Super competitive! I've seen fist fights over pick up basketball games at the family reunion. It didn't matter if they were family, friends, or an average Joe. That competitive switch is hard to turn off.

Alphas are Alphas wherever they go. Its in their blood. You either have it or you don't.

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