Tua experiment...OVER!!!

To all my realistic fans out there. The Tua experiment is over...Period! Let me first say that I am 100% Team Tua off the field. Tua is a guy with great character and faith. I would allow my daughters to date him. Trust me! that's saying a lot.

However...his on the field play is not good enough. His abilility to stay healthy on the field is not good enough. Period. I am on record and you can check for yourself, I screamed to the high heavens for this organization not to draft this kid. Simply because he was injury prone. I am the guy that who wrote a post about giving up every draft pick to go after Burrow. Dika-esque style. And I meant it. I was willing to settle with Herbert if need be. And Herbert may be better than Burrow.

This coaching staff/GM missed it. All theses high draft picks and what are we getting out of it. The trend continues....21 years of mediorcrity and I'm sick of it.

Now back to Tua. My concern was that he was injury prone. Soft as Charmaine Tissue. No dog in him what so ever. A professional locker room sees right through this. A coach cant preach he plays the best man that gives the team the best chance to win, and hand the job to an undeserving rookie. Tua did not beat out Fitz. I repeat...Tua did not beat out Fitz.

This is where I question this coaching and front office staff. They were wrong....And overall they have been wrong for over 20 years.

And fans still have the Audacity to preach patience. You have to be kidding me.

I believe in character guys for the locker room....If they can play the game of Football. I don't need a locker room full of saints. I need some dogs that can fight...Period Tua is not the guy. Are we really going to wait another 7 years on this guy like we did for Tannihill?

It doesn't take long to determine if your QB has the "It" factor. I see it clearly with Burrow, Herbert and Murray.

Only chance is Watson to come to this team. He may save the season. Or better yet...Get Andrew Luck on the phone

Forgive the typos I'm a six pack in and a few shots of bourbon....I have to be drunk to watch this product on the field.

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