Are we so conditioned to poor play and front office buffoons that we can't appreciate this year's Miami Dolphins?

I was watching the game against the hated New England Patriots yesterday and I thought I would log on and see what some of my fellow Dolphins fans thoughts were. I only posted two comments and read I think between 200-300 comments before I logged off to enjoy the rest of the game. I came back to see what everyone thought of our hard fought win and after reading the rest of the comments I thought we lost by the reactions. I think we have some strange views that might be a little misguided by the nonsense that the media that I think we might be able to work out and come back together as fans of the Miami Dolphins.

1.) Tua is bad and needs to go ASAP

I think this is the most divisive topic among fans and media alike. I understand that people want to have a star quarterback and see him toss the ball all over opposing defenses every week, but honestly with the philosophy that Head Coach Brian Flores has brought to town it's just not necessary. We are building a team that plays the roles that's asked of them and doing what is best for the team and not personal stats. If we take yesterday's game as an example people would rather see the team play a certain way more than they want to see the team win. Lots of people were commenting how well Mac Jones played and how bad Tua played. Tua had more yards per completion, more touchdowns, and was more efficient scoring touchdowns in the red zone 2/2 compared to Jones' 1/4. Most importantly Tua lead his team to victory which is something that has happened on a regular basis. Tua is the most successful quarterback from his draft class with a 7-3 record as a starter for a 70% win percentage. For all of the stats and awards Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow have accumulated it's not resulting in wins at the same rate as Tua. To close this topic I'm not saying that Tua is perfect and obviously he needs to improve just like everyone else but lets just wait until Tua starts losing games before we torch the kid (besides he's 2-0 vs Belichick).

2.) The defense can't keep bailing us out with lucky turnovers

I would agree with you 2 or 3 games in a row forcing a turnover, but not 23 straight games. At this point I think it's safe to say that our defense is set up to force mistakes and have the discipline to be in position to capitalize on them. Just like his former teacher Belichick, Flores has mastered the art of finding players that can excel at one thing at a high level and puts them in the best position to utilize them.

3.) Ugly wins feel like losses

The number one thing to keep in mind after hard fought games that are considered ugly is that it's worse than ugly for our opponents who just lost. We play a brand of football that drains the clock and and forces the opponent to make mistakes. Most games will be close in the NFL, and wins on the road against a division rival that has dominated the division for 2 decades should be celebrated.

I would like to leave you with this: We're a winning football team now. We have a good coach and GM that are working together to ensure that we continue to build our vision of a true perennial contender. Enjoy this time as we take back the AFC East, and lets try to remember we are all fans of the Dolphins even if we don't always agree .

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