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Austin Jackson is ready to go vs. the New England Patriots

The Dolphins will have their starting LT back in the lineup for today’s matchup vs. New England

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

When the week started, it wasn’t clear whether or not the Miami Dolphins would have their starting left tackle Austin Jackson for today’s game vs. the New England Patriots. After all, Jackson reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. However, as a vaccinated player, all it would take is two consecutive negative tests for the Dolphins to get their starting left tackle back in the lineup.

Well, as we learned a short time ago from 300 different accounts on Twitter, the team has removed Jackson’s questionable tag, and the second-year offensive lineman WILL PLAY in today’s game vs. the Patriots.

For all the bad film we’ve seen from Austin Jackson this offseason, this is good news for the Dolphins. Jackson was the team’s starting left tackle for a reason. And Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has repeated time and time that the five best players will start—meaning this coaching staff believes that Jackson is one of five.

Sure, there’s still time between now and Sunday’s matchup for the Dolphins to change their mind or go another direction. But as of now, it appears Miami will have their starting left tackle back for this AFC East divisional matchup.

Do you feel better or worse with Austin Jackson in the lineup? Would you have liked to see Liam Eichenberg get the chance? How effective do you think the Miami Dolphins rushing attack will be later this afternoon vs. the New England Patriots? HOW EXCITED ARE YOU THAT FOOTBALL IS FINALLY BACK, BAY-BAY!?!?!? Let us know in the comments section below.