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Carson Wentz Injury Could Have Huge Ramifications for the Miami Dolphins

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The newly acquired Indianapolis Colts starting QB, Carson Wentz, underwent surgery to remove a broken bone in his foot on Monday – a move that could have huge ramifications for the Miami Dolphins regarding their rumored interest in Houston Texans QB, Deshaun Watson.

A creative trade brought Wentz to Indianapolis from Philadelphia this past offseason. If the former Eagles QB plays 75% of the snaps (or 70% with the Colts making the playoffs) for the Colts this season, Indianapolis must send the Eagles their 2022 first round draft pick. If Wentz plays any less than that, the pick that is sent to Philadelphia becomes one of the second round variety. His current timetable for a return to action has been estimated anywhere between five and twelve weeks.

Philadelphia has recently become the favorite to land Watson, with their cornucopia of picks being the main factor in that thought process. Coincidentally, the Eagles own the Dolphins’ first round draft pick next year due to the trade Miami made to move up to the sixth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Adding in the Eagles’ own first round draft pick, an additional round one selection from Indianapolis would account for three first round draft picks in the upcoming draft for Philadelphia – unrivaled ammunition to pull off a deal for Watson.

Deshaun Watson is an electric young player, however he is currently facing numerous allegations of sexual assault, and a trade for the signal caller will most certainly be on hold until those matters are settled, both in a court of law and when punishment from the NFL is eventually dished out. It has been rumored that his preferred destination is with the Miami Dolphins, and he has a no-trade clause which could make things interesting no matter which team offers up the most compensation.

All of this trade talk could eventually be put to rest if Tua Tagovailoa continues to impress in training camp and even more-so when the bullets become live this September. By all accounts, Tagovailoa is taking major strides forward and becoming the natural leader that a quarterback is often asked to be. Trading his stellar reputation for Watson’s – a questionable one to say the least – would be a major PR hit for this Dolphins regime and may be one the decision makers aren’t willing to make.

For those rooting for Watson to land in South Florida, keep a close eye on Wentz’s progress through his rehabilitation process. If his absence becomes a long one, the odds that the Dolphins land the big fish that is Deshaun Watson certainly will go up.