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Madden 22: Full Player and Team Ratings for the Miami Dolphins

Happy Madden Monday, Y’all!

EA Sports Madden 22

Last week, EA released their top-10 player ratings at each position, and the Miami Dolphins had three players rank among the best at cornerback, tight end, and rookie wide receiver.

Jaylen Waddle was listed as the highest-rated rookie wide receiver in the game with a 76 overall. Tight end Mike Gesicki was one of the league’s top players at his position a season ago, so it was no surprise that he made a list with an 85 overall.

And then who could forget Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard—the highest-rated player on the roster with a 91-overall rating. As I mentioned previously, Howard will likely see a spike in his overall rating and skills immediately after he’s traded from the team. (I still hope they find a way to work, and I’m not sorry about that.)

Nevertheless, despite all of the good that the Dolphins did a season ago and, honestly, the somewhat favorable ratings, I thought for sure they would be one of the top-rated teams in this year’s game.


Offensively, the Miami Dolphins are rated 70-overall, which is a bit surprising to me given all of the new additions they made on that side of the football. I mean, their offense in real life is going to look eerily similar to the cheese you may encounter when playing online.

Underneath crossers, lots of misdirection with pre-snap motion and RPOs, and let’s not forget SPEEEEEEDDDD!!!! We all saw that video of Waddle coming in motion on that mesh concept. Aged gouda in Madden.

And yet still, the folks at EA Sports ranked the Miami Dolphins offense 31 out of 32 qualifying teams.

I repeat! They are the 31st ranked offense in the game.

Defensively, as Cam mentions above, Miami ranks 19th in the league with a 79 rating. Again, this is much worse than what you’d expect for a team that finished among the best a season ago. Further proving the point, that the Miami Dolphins get no doggone respect!

As a team, the Dolphins are ranked 79 overall. But enough about that, let’s take a look at the ratings and see which players got snubbed the most in this year’s game.

The full ratings list can be found here if you don’t want to click the tweet above and scroll through the awesome images I put together. Now, let’s talk about which players we think should have been ranked a little higher.

Miami Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders is the first to come to mind. A season ago, he was arguably the best kicker in football. Yet, he’s rated an 85-overall?!?! That doesn’t sit well with me. Neither does Jerome Baker’s 78-overall after a solid 2020 season.

For comparison, Benardrick McKinney is an 80-overall. Both players (Sanders/Baker), in my opinion, should have been ranked a bit higher. Heck, Sanders should probably be close to receiving some gold shoes and a fancy chain for being in the 99-club. (This club is for the best of the best.)

Zach Sieler being 68 overall rubs me the wrong way. He’s better than that. And the same can be said for Austin Jackson—who, despite his up-and-down play a season ago—is much better than a measly 66. Some might even say Tua Tagovailoa’s 73-overall rating (he does have superstar development) is a bit low. But if he continues balling as he has in camp—more on that later this week—he might see his traits and overall rating sky-rocket over the next few months.

Defensive tackle Raekwon Davis deserves a bit more respect than the lowly 74 he was awarded, and the same can be said about rookie pass-rusher Jaelan Phillips (IMO). He will start the year with a 72 overall rating.

In the end, none of this really matters. But that still won’t stop fans all over the league from getting overly upset because of their favorite player’s madden ratings.

What are your thoughts on the Miami Dolphins rating in Madden 22? Who’s rating is too high? Who’s rating is too low? Are you planning on buying this year’s game? Let us know in the comments section below!