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WATCH | Miami Dolphins rookie WR Jaylen Waddle puts a move on Eddie Jackson

Jaylen Waddle continues to impress.

NFL: Miami Dolphins Training Camp Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins concluded day two of the team’s joint practices with the Chicago Bears, and the message among beat writers was about as mixed as you’d come to expect from the two sides.

There was some good.

And there was some bad.

One thing, however, that was crystal clear is that Jaylen Waddle’s reported ‘limp’ doesn’t seem to be an issue. According to those in attendance, Waddle had a would-be 60-yard touchdown yesterday at practice and followed it up with another impressive day.

Thankfully, the Miami Dolphins gave us a little taste of some of the action from earlier today in Chicago. An amuse-bouche, some might say. And boy was it as juicy as ever. Here’s visual evidence of Jaylen Waddle putting Chicago Bears safety Eddie Jackson through the spin-cycle during a practice rep at Halas Hall earlier today.

(To be fair, Eddie Jackson was only activated recently. Not sure how much that would’ve helped, but it certainly isn’t going to stop me from spreading the JAYLEN WADDLE IS A SUPERSTAR propaganda as much as I can.)

Waddle spoke yesterday on how important it was to get out there and compete against some of the best in the league— when he was asked about the offense’s performance.

“I think it was smooth, honestly. We got our flow going. It was good just to compete, really. It was good to compete against someone else other than our guys. I think it was a good day. Obviously it can get better. We’ll try to get better. It was pretty good, though.”

The Dolphins and Bears will meet on Saturday at 1 PM EST. The game will be air LIVE on NFL Network.

I know it’s early in camp, but what have been your thoughts on Miami Dolphins rookie wide receiver Jaylen Waddle? Do you think he’s going to be Miami’s most productive playmaker? How badly should I want him in my fantasy football leagues? How excited are you for Saturday’s game? Let us know in the comments section below!