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i want to take a look back at the most talented, and in my opinion most well put together, team to never win a Super Bowl in NFL history

the 2006 San Diego Chargers

i'm speaking on another franchise's attempt to pursue the Lombardi and close they got to completing that task because i just want you all to visualize what it looks like to assemble a contender

let us rewind the clock to the 2001 NFL Draft:

the Chargers had the 1st selection, and Michael Vick was the clear-cut/no-brainer top selection; however the, then, San Diego Chargers were not convinced Vick was the guy for their team

the Chargers then trade with the Atlanta Falcons for their 2001 5th overall selection, additional picks, and Tim Dwight Return Ace

the top selections of that 2001 Draft for the Chargers were LaDanian Tomlinson & Drew Brees (pre-HOF caliber Drew to be fair)

fast-forward to the 2002 NFL Draft:

the Chargers select Quinten Jammer (a solid CB in the league for a number of years)

in the 2003 NFL Draft:

the Chargers added additional help at Defensive Back in Drayton Florence (small school guy that played big in big moments)

this is where things begin to heat up for the core strengths of the team...

the 2004 NFL Draft:

the Chargers have seen enough.. and they want to start fresh with selecting a franchise QB with the 1st overall selection

Eli Manning and family wants no parts of the San Diego Chargers.. so the Giants select Phillip Rivers and swap selections

the Chargers 2004 Draft also consisted of Igor Olshansky (solid 3-4 DE), Nate Kaeding (Pro Bowl Kicker), Nick Hardwick (Pro Bowl Center), Shaun Phillips (Pro Bowl 3-4 OLB), Michael "Burner" Turner (underrated relief pitcher RB), and Shane Olivea (steal in the 7th round; NFL Starting caliber RT)

via the trade for Phillips Rivers the Chargers acquired the Giants 1st selection of the 2005 NFL Draft:

this draft consisted of Shawne Merriman (All-Pro 3-4 OLB), Luis Castillo (super solid 3-4 DE), Vincent Jackson (Pro Bowl WR), and Darren Sproles (the greatest smaller players in NFL history)

we come back in the 2006 Draft:

the selections of Antonio Cromartie & Marcus McNeil add starting caliber young talent to an already ultra talented roster

the reason i'm summing it up with the draft selects is because year after year the Chargers hit on draft picks

from 2001 to 2006, where they SHOULD have won the Super Bowl, they rounded key pieces and players:


Jammer CB

Drayton CB

Scifres P

Rivers QB

Igor DE

Kaeding K

Hardwick C

Phillips OLB

Turner RB

Olivea OT

Merriman OLB

Castillo DE

Vincent WR

Sproles RB

Cromartie CB

McNeil OT

and lets not forget the gem that dropped in their lap as an Undrafted Free Agent!!!

Antonio Gates

Below is what it looks like when you build your team through the draft and have highlighted roles for them to play

took the Chargers time to get it right

the Miami Dolphins have been similarly building this type of team as well

let's just look at how close we could potentially get when we patiently put it all together:

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