Can Tua's Dolphins, win the East

I believe Tua, in year Tua, will triumph over the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, and the Jill's defense. Mostly because Tua, will implement the offense to it's utmost efficiency. Relying on the ''superior wepondery'' around him more then last year, Lord knows I'm sure we will be (riding roughshod) all over the NY Pets, and along with the patsies, as being our door-matts for the lifetime of our coach Brian Flores,

Along with the (100 of thousand's) of balls, he has thrown towards "the targets" that were already here, and (the millions) he throw already to top draft pick Jaylen Waddle, while playing Quarterback, (for three) off-season's, and (two and a half) regular seasons at Alabama. sure the trusting factor, does come in to play here, with familiarity, with the draft pick Jaylen Waddle.

My expectation's are that there will be (a split) for Touch-Downs at the top of the wide receiver group, between Waddle, and Fuller, along with Jaylen Waddle having the most yards. 1100+ with a smile cashing his Bonuses...!

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