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Phinsider Question Of The Day- Tuesday 07/06/2021 Edition

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

All the talk this time of year is, as we head towards the opening of yet another Miami Dolphins training camp, is who improved, who didn’t and what the new talent that was added in the offseason will add to the roster. So in a reversal, tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is which off-season addition do you believe will ultimately turn out to be the biggest waste of money for this franchise? Every season we see a slew of new guys added via the draft, as free agents and even unsigned free agents. The Free agents are normally the ones that, if they do not pan out, hit the team the biggest in the pocketbook because most free agents worth their weight in salt will have more than one team interested in their services, thus driving up their price.

So give us your selection and your thoughts as to why in the comment section below-

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