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21 days until the start of Miami Dolphins Training Camp | Who is the best Dolphins player to ever wear the No.21?

No, I’m not saying it’s Eric Rowe! But maybe it is!

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, I gave everyone fair warning that I may start posting a thread a day to get back into the swing of things and to count down the days until the Miami Dolphins officially begin their third training camp under head coach Brian Flores.

So, if we were 22 days away from the start of camp yesterday, that would mean today is? ___

Tres Bien!

Here are three of the best players to ever rock the #21 in Miami Dolphins history. (Am I missing anyone?) And for as much as I would like to pretend it is Eric Rowe, there’s only one player worthy of that number.

Running Back, Jim Klick

Safety, Eric Rowe

And an old friend of The Phinsider Radio Podcast—-

Cornerback, Brent Grimes

Who wore the #21 best? Does anyone come close to Jim Klick? Much like with Mercury Morris yesterday, even I understand how great these players of yesteryear were, even if I don’t necessarily baste in the smashmouth football reigned supreme.

Actually, maybe the better question is which defensive back wore the #21 best.

Eric Rowe?

Brent Grimes?

Heck, we can even throw Vontae Davis in the mix. But only after we consult with his grandma. (SICK BURN!)

But seriously, who was the best Miami Dolphins player to ever wear the #22? Let us know in the comments section below!

BREAKING NEWS: There should will be a Lynn Bowden Jr. article posted later today.