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22 days until the start of Miami Dolphins Training Camp | Who is the best Dolphins player to ever wear the No.22?

Yes, I understand it’s probably closer to 21 now that most of the day is over)

Super Bowl VIII - Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins

Countdowns might be silly, but we’ve reached the point of the offseason where there is nothing to talk about. And most of the things that are being talked about are to stir the pot.

Now that’s not to say breaking down the roster and trying to figure out the team’s upcoming depth chart isn’t important. It is. The most important. As is breaking down the 2021 NFL draft class—which I still plan to showcase Jevon Holland, Hunter Long, and Gerrid Doaks at some point this lull before training camp. (The latter two are for fantasy purposes, you ghouls!)

Nevertheless, with 22 days away from the start of the Miami Dolphins 2021 NFL Training camp, I thought I would try to pump out an article a day leading up to that iconic first day of camp. Of course, now with two kids and memory fit for a Goldfish, there may be a day or two that I miss. But today will not be one of those days!

So with that said, Who wore the #22 better than the rest? Now I know. I know. Jevon Holland is obviously going to be the one that goes down in history as the greatest Miami Dolphins player to wear the No.22 (I’m kidding). But with all of that said, who was the best Miami Dolphins player to ever wear the #22?

Tony Nathan?

Mercury Morris?

Reggie Bush?

I don’t know the answer to this question and will admit I was never able to experience the true joy of watching Mercury Morris or Tony Nathan score touchdowns. With that said, I’m going with Eugene “Mercury” Morris (mainly because I think others will say, Tony Nathan)


Who do you think is the greatest player to ever wear the No.22 for YOUR Miami Dolphins? Let us know in the comments section below!

(P.S. A few more days, and I should be back and bringing you the homer takes and film breakdowns you’ve all come to love. I guarantee it or your money back!

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