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Madden 22 | Miami Dolphins Mike Gesicki and Xavien Howard are among the best at their positions in this year’s game


Miami Dolphins training camp 8/31/2020 Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, EA Sports released their top-10 tight ends in Madden 22, and Miami Dolphins Mike Gesicki was one of the game’s top players at his position.

Gesicki received an 85-overall rating by the Madden 22 team, which just so happens to be the same rating as Detriot Lions soon-to-be-superstar tight end T.J Hockenson. Philadelphia Eagles pass-catcher Dallas Goedert isn’t too far behind with an 84-overall.

However, the truly dominant tight ends in this year’s game are no different from what you’d expect to see in your Fantasy Football leagues or yearly rankings. Travis Kelce is a 99-overall, while George Kittle is surprisingly a 96. (I say surprisingly because I would have guessed he, too, would be part of the 99-overall club.)

Darren Waller is a 93, and then Mark Andrews is an 87.

But back to Gesicki, who in 2020 recorded 53 receptions for 703 yards and 6 touchdowns. This, coupled with his growth throughout the season, shows why he’s rated among the top players at his position. In fact, back when Madden 21 was first released, Mike Gesicki was a 79-overall.

Here’s a look at some of his additional ratings.

Speed |83

Catch | 88

Jump | 94

Specialty Catch | 89

Catch in Traffic | 88

Short Route-running | 78

Medium Route-Running | 74

Deep Route-Running | 70

Gesicki wasn’t the only Dolphins player to be rated among the league’s best at their position.

Yesterday, EA named Xavien Howard the 6th best cornerback in Madden 22 with a 91-overall rating. Worst of all, and something Jake Mendel pointed out to me on the recent episode of Phinsider Radio, is that they used T.J. McDonald’s picture originally to promote the ratings.

This is the highest rating Xavien Howard has had in Madden, and I like to joke, but he will almost certainly have a Superstar X-Factor this year, right before he’s inevitably traded. :(

(I’m sure his rating will skyrocket as soon as he gets traded away from the Dolphins as well.)

Here’s a look at some of X’s additional ratings.

Speed |91

Catch | 85

Jump | 92

Change of direction | 87

Specialty Catch | 83

Catch in Traffic | 88

Play recognition | 95

Man coverage | 88

Zone coverage | 90

Press rating | 90

In the end, this article only applies to those of you that play Madden 22. If you don’t, I’m sorry for wasting your time. If you do, I think you’ll enjoy not only this year’s game but playing with our beloved 2021 Miami Dolphins.

Mike Gesicki was already the Loch Ness Monster in the RedZone. And now we all hope Xavien Howard is more like the vice grip we see in real life and less like the lost computer-generated player we’ve become accustomed to in the past.

The 2021 NFL season is going to be a special year for the Dolphins. The same can finally be said about the Miami Dolphins in this year’s installment of Madden.

What are your thoughts on Xavien Howard’s Madden 22 rating? Do you agree with what EA rated Mike Gesicki? How do you feel about the rest of the field? Too high? Too low? Let us know in the comments section below!?