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PQOTD-Building the Ulitmate Miami Dolphins Roster Phinsider Style Edition-Linebackers Poll!

Miami Dolphins Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

So tonight, following the nominations post for linebackers we now have the poll post for the same. Unlike with the cornerbacks, where it was a unanimous selection with Sam Maddison and Patrick Surtain being the only two even nominated, we actually have enough linebackers to make up a poll and thus pull our top four out of for our ultimate all-time Miami Dolphins starting roster. The list spans most of the Phins history up to when Zach Thomas played and going back to the early ’70s and the true glory days of the franchise.

Please vote on your top linebacker in the poll below and the top four will move onto the final all-time Miami Dolphins roster. If there is a tie, as with previous polls, the top five players will move onto a second round of voting with a second poll but this should not be too difficult as we only have seven names that were ultimately nominated. I would allow more than one player to be voted on by each fan but unfortunately, the Poll editor does not allow that option. If by chance everyone votes for just one or two guys, like with the tie situation I will pull that or those people out and have a second poll to determine the rest of the four to be selected.


Please select from the list below your choice for top linebacker to ever play for the miami Dolphins.

This poll is closed

  • 0%
    Kim Bokamper
    (2 votes)
  • 19%
    Nick Bouniconti
    (49 votes)
  • 0%
    Bryan Cox
    (2 votes)
  • 5%
    A.J. Duhe
    (14 votes)
  • 0%
    Bob Matheson
    (2 votes)
  • 10%
    John Offerdahl
    (25 votes)
  • 61%
    Zach Thomas
    (153 votes)
247 votes total Vote Now