X Man and Dolfans ignoring the coming problem

I've been saying it for a yr and a half...

Not getting out ahead of the X contract was gunna burn us as a franchise.

And yep, here we are... needing to trade a disgruntled player, when we could have moved on and received just as good compensation.

I wanted Patrick Surtain II for more than one reason. His dad was a standout probowl corner for us, and he was among the best DBs in college last 2 yrs.

Rookie contract and legacy player to groom, and no contract headaches... but nope, no one liked my idea. And Surtain is on a different team instead. Drafting Noah Igbinoghene doesn't seem so stupid now. But not trading X, kinda does. Let's get it done, and move on.

Told yall so.

*picking up phone*

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