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PQOTD-Building the Ulitmate Miami Dolphins Roster Phinsider Style Edition- Linebackers!

Detroit Lions vs Miami Dolphins

So our little project to build the ultimate all-time starting Miami Dolphins roster is moving along. Thus far we have Don Shula at head coach, Dan Marino at quarterback, Dwight Stephenson at center, and Patrick Surtain and Sam Maddison at starting cornerback. Now we move on to the position of linebacker.

I began today’s post with the idea in mind of possibly separating linebackers out by whether they played outside linebacker or middle linebacker in a 4-3 or inside linebacker in a 3-4. The issue with this is that we have played both defenses over the years and often times a hybrid of both with different linebackers playing different linebacker positions depending on the year or even in the same game. So instead I will give a list of top linebackers and ask that you nominate up to four, the best four linebackers that you believe have ever played with the Miami Dolphins. As with the other posts if you believe I left off one of the top four linebackers from the list and you wish to nominate someone else that’s fine as long as they played linebacker at some point for the Dolphins. I will then load every player nominated into a poll with the top four vote-getters moving onto our starting roster.

As far as research I encourage everyone to do their own research. This is still the communities project so you get to decide and then vote on whoever was nominated. Wikipedia is always a good and easy source and is an excellent resource for looking up any individual player’s stats.

So on to our list-

(Note: these are ranked in order alphabetically by their last name)

  1. Kim Bokamper
  2. Bob Brudzinsk
  3. Nick Buoniconti
  4. Bryan Cox
  5. A.J. Duhe
  6. Larry Gordan
  7. Mike Kolen
  8. John Offerdahl
  9. Joey Porter
  10. Zach Thomas

As I will select the top four also feel free to give us your top four nominations below-